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I Dreamed A Dream

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He found time to send us a video about #Blake’s next show 🎶

…and his trip wouldn’t be complete without his bathroom humour 😊❤️🚽🚿🛁


Blake ‘The Story So Far’


This August 11th and 12th, to celebrate 10 years of singing together, BLAKE are hosting two surprise concerts in central London. These shows will be entirely unplugged, with no backing except a virtuoso pianist! Those used to BLAKE with an orchestra will love this unique reinterpretation of their music.The location for these shows will be the beautiful Pheasantry in Chelsea, allowing guests not only to enjoy the rich harmonies of BLAKE, but also enjoy personal waiter service and delicious food at the same time, all set within an atmospheric cabaret club environment on London’s iconic Kings Road. The show will feature harmony and piano versions of many BLAKE classics, including Hallelujah, Fields of Gold, Desperado, Nella Fantasia, Cavatina, Bring Him Home and many more.

Tickets are available via the following link:…/blake-the-story-so-far

The Pheasantry (Chelsea)

BLAKE have an impressive list of achievements including several No. 1s, multi-platinum selling albums and over 150 TV appearances, as well as having won a Classical Brit Award for Album of the Year. The trio tour constantly and take part in a vast amount of charity work, from performing for the Queen and Prince Harry at the Festival of Remembrance and the launch of the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge. Last Christmas saw Blake team up with the incredible Dame Shirley Bassey for a spectacular version of ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)’. With appearances on The Graham Norton Show and Strictly Come Dancing, The One Show, The David Walliams Show BLAKE have gone from strength to strength.

Renowned for performing classical and pop songs in stunning harmony vocal arrangements, BLAKE comprises three young men who enthral fans the world over with their amazing singing, hit albums and charismatic stage presence. With over a million albums sold, No. 1 hits in ten countries and nearly 150 TV appearances around the globe, BLAKE continue to build their reputation as one of today’s most eclectic and exciting classical ‘crossover’ groups.

Their friendship and musical careers date back to their school days, but just six months after reuniting as adults via social networking site Facebook, BLAKE were

ready to launch their debut album in 2007.  It was a phenomenal success going straight to No. 1 in the UK Classical Album Chart and taking the pop charts by storm. With over 100,000 copies of the album selling in just three weeks, the group earned their first Gold Disc. Recognised by the music industry for their talent, the album received the prestigious Classical Brit Award for Album of the Year in 2008 – a huge honour for a group that was still less than a year old.

I would love this ❤️🎶
It will be their #quintessential #performance 
BLAKE ‘The Story So Far’ Live



Blake Journeys to Taipei


Bye bye everyone! Off to Taiwan we go, the National Concert Hall awaits!

Off we go! A huge honour for us Brits to be headed to Taiwan to give a concert in their most iconic venue!

11 hours of flying to HK, 3 more to Taipei & straight into rehearsals! No time to conquer jetlag, we just #redbull & go I expect to have no idea what planet I’m on by around early evening, but that’s the way it is with international touring. Currently 8:15am here, but my body clock is 8 hours behind at midnight; hence why I’m cradling a Starbucks & listening to electro very loud, must stay awake

First order of business upon arrival in Taipei? Local beef noodles, with all their offally goodness & flavour! Our wonderful agent Catherine knows all the best places, we’re lucky boys! Yummy!

Our first visit to the big night food market at Ningxia, so many choices! We had fish balls, pork dumplings & soup, stir fried chicken, noodles, shaved ice desserts & lots else! It’s a hot, fragrant & busy place, with barely a westerner in sight, we felt honoured to be there! We’re so full

Drive around central Taipei & you’ll see an alarming number of these 🙂 The promoters have done a fabulous job of selling out the 2500 seat venue we are playing here. Can’t wait to perform now!

We can be a fly on the wall at their #press #conference today June 22, 2017 !!!


Riding the fastest lift in the world, at over 1000 meters a minute! Ears go pop a few times but it’s pretty incredible 🙂

Sherrill Klaus I would love the ride up and the the view… but not the ride down 

#taipei101 #fastestlift #taipei101tower #lift

thebandblake Singing for an audience of 1000 school students tonight; cultural exchange! Great to be able to share what we do with the younger generation too, after all, they’ll be replacing us in the future 🙂 Hope to inspire a few Taiwanese students to take up classical singing and harmony vocals.

Sherrill Klaus  ❤️ You are a beautiful inspiration to all ❤️

A few concert shots of tonights show in Taipei with our young orchestra & choir. They were amazing, as were the audience, great to see over 1000 people waving their phone lights in time to Edelweiss 🙂 A great memory to cherish!

Stephen performing Over The Rainbow with 20 young Taiwanese singers, all with lovely voices and big smiles. Certainly a memory I’ll cherish in my ten years of singing with @thebandblake & traveling the world.

Blake #19:50 Spectacular!!! #Edelweiss ❤️🎶

Such beautiful scenery and exotic foods ☺️

Lovely tea location and a beautiful gift

Tonight is their #BIG show!!! ❤️🎶😊

Stephen Bowman at 國家音樂廳 ·
The auditorium of the National Concert Hall in Taiwan, our venue for tonight, soon to be full to the brim with 2500 new friends & fans from Taipei! This is extremely exciting for us boys, a career highlight for sure!

  • stephenbowmanblake Standing in front of the National Concert Hall of Taiwan, ready for our show! So so excited! 🙂
  • blakepassion So excited for you 😊🎶❤️

thebandblake Have you ever seen a national concert hall quite like Taiwan’s? It is MASSIVE. The closer you look, the more detail you see. Can’t believe we have sold this venue out in a country we’ve never been to before; maybe we should come here more often 😉

Backstage monitor shot of our show in Taipei tonight, going very well so far, great audience!

  • stephenbowmanblakeHundreds of people lined up for photos with us after the show, so we met every single one of them, greeting them with our best ‘Ni hao’ and thanking them with a ‘Xie Xie’ 🙂 Never seen a reaction like this before, except perhaps in the Philippines where the audience were equally warm and kind to us. It’s so touching to be 10,000 kilometres away from home, but still get that warmth like the UK. We are very lucky chaps! 🙂

blakepassion The world is your Home Away from Home❤️😊

Sherrill Klaus Sherrill Klaus 👏🏻❤️Take a bow👏🏻 ❤️
Time To Go Home
Stephen: Can’t leave Taiwan without a decent massage & reflexology! Two ladies pummelled the hell out me and I feel ready to pass out on the plane home. What a fantastic trip, I can’t wait to come back!






Blake, Bridges and Boats in Venice


Arriving in style April 21, 2017

The Rialto Bridge in stunning 360! click photo!

Currently in Venice to perform a very unique private concert in a beautiful garden beside the Grand Canal; such a stunning backdrop! April 22nd

click photo for more

Performing beside the grand canal of Venice, a huge honour for us! Can you guess which song this is the big ending for?

It’s A Small World After All ⬇️

Stephen bumped into dear friend Anton San Diego

A little bit of sightseeing and then it’s Time To Say Goodbye 🎶

…which answers the question 😉



Blake and Dame Vera Lynn ‘We’ll Meet Again’


Stephen Bowman in London, United Kingdom.

So sweet of #dameveralynn to send us a thank you card for the weekend! It was an real pleasure to sing for her on her 100th birthday celebration show. So many artists much better known than us there, so it was a joy to be invited. Let’s look forward to next year, and the 101st birthday concert?


Finale 💐🎉🎶✨❤️😊🎼

Photos by RAF Music

Photo credit Suellen (@SusieMacadoo)

Photo credit Lisa Willner ( @LisaWilner1)

March 18, 2017Sherrill Klaus Sherrill KlausThis is the stuff dreams are made of

“Had the pleasure to sing for the Queen tonight. Doesn’t get much better

Sherrill Klaus Sherrill KlausNope! Doesn’t get much better 🎶😊
Sherrill Klaus Sherrill Klaus Thanks for our front row seats 🎶

A little 360 degree VR video of our rehearsal at London Palladium theatre, quite a unique way to peek behind-the-scenes at what we do!

Sherrill Klaus It’s like I was there 🎶 Thanks Stephen

BLAKE · Rehearsing at the London Palladium theatre for Dame Vera’s 100th celebration show, nice shot courtesy of Andy Dorrington.

A still from our VR camera, during our rehearsal at the London Palladium theatre today, EPIC!

A shot of us on stage rehearsing at London Palladium – taken with our VR camera! Was a fab night, so proud of being able to sing for Dame Vera’s 100th birthday & for the Queen! #show #concert #London #singing #harmony

View from the stage at the London Palladium theatre right now, truly magnificent; going to be another memorable evening for all of us!

Getting real now. 3 Artist passes. Very swanky dressing room to ourselves! A packed London Palladium. Big night ahead! Let’s sing our hearts out for Dame Vera!


Sherrill Klaus Sherrill Klaus I have so much pride in my heart now Congratulations

At #GlobalRadio this afternoon for a big interview about #VeraLynn & her 100th birthday concert. We’re so excited to be involved and able to promote such a special show!

Celebrate the incredible life of the one and only Dame Vera Lynn in this spectacular stage show at London Palladium.
For one night only, to celebrate Dame Vera’s 100th anniversary and raise vital funds for The Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity, stars of the stage and screen are coming together to perform a variety extravaganza highlighting our Forces’ Sweetheart’s incredible life.
This once in a lifetime opportunity features over 25 of the country’s most beloved singers, dancers, actors, West End stars and TV personalities, accompanied by the revered Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra, The Squadronaires, a very fitting tribute to #MrHarryLewis, Dame Vera Lynn’s husband, who was a founding member.
The cast has been confirmed as follows, all subject to availability:’
#RobertRobinson #Balletworks


Saturday 18 March 2017 – 7.30pm start

Stephen chats about Dame Vera Lynn  February 6, 2017

Dame Vera Lynn and Blake sing We’ll Meet Again Together Live in London 2009

Lovely photo of Ollie dancing with Dame Vera Lynn
In 2009


Blake Celebrate 10 Years Together

Sherrill Klaus Lovely update  Love supporting you & excited for more Pledges! Ideas: Tour of Kensington Palace, gardens and tea at the Orangery  A ride on Emirates Cable Car with lunch/coffee  Dinner cruise on River Thames  Cooking lunch/dinner with Chefs Stephen, Humph and Ollie  VIP tickets to RAF show would be simply amazingly wonderful 

The most incredible cake we have ever been given, courtesy of some amazing ladies helping us celebrate 10 years as a band! Cake designed & made by The Cake Illusionist, check her out! Everything is edible/eatable 🙂

BLAKE celebrate a decade of albums & touring

One afternoon back in March 2007, a group of singers were rehearsing an acapella version of Moon River in a London music college; little did they know that just twenty four hours later they would be offered a £1Million deal by Universal Records. This is how BLAKE’s incredible journey started…

Fast forward ten years to 2017 and BLAKE have toured the world, released seven studio albums, appeared on over 180 television shows, performed for royalty, presidents, prime ministers & Hollywood stars, helped raised millions of pounds for their favourite charities and become the closest of friends through it all.

When the group started the world was still buying CD albums, lots of them, in fact their first album sold over 100,000 copies in just three weeks. When they got together in Spring 2007, the iPhone hadn’t yet been released to the world and no one even knew what music streaming was! They were the first band to form through Facebook, the first group to find members via Twitter, their most popular songs have millions of views on Youtube and their social media following is the most dedicated any band could wish for, with thousands of interactions every day.

Much has changed over the last 10 years, but what hasn’t changed is the groups simple wish to make the best harmony music they can, keeping the British classical-crossover style strong around the world. They’ve performed in dozens of countries, including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, Russia, the UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the USA, Barbados, Bermuda and Trinidad & Tobago. They’ve made friends and fans across the globe, enjoying the rich cultures they’ve shared.

The future is even more exciting than the past, with a 10 year anniversary album & DVD proposed by their record lable, along with extensive tours that take them to lots of Asia and the UK respectively. The boys couldn’t have achieved all that have, without the incredible support of their fans around the world, so their 8th studio album, will be dedicated to them. Their upcoming album will be a celebration of their classical-crossover roots and the harmony music they are all fans of. Discussions are in place to ensure this will be a worldwide release, so be sure to keep in contact via their social media for big updates.

For now, here is a little recap video of the last 3 years for the Blake trio, with some amazing memories just in this short time. Look out for their collaboration with Dame Shirley Bassey (more to come!), performing for 280 million TV viewers in China, live tour performances in many parts of Asia, outdoor festival shows in the UK and major TV performances too. It’s certainly seems to be getting busier and busier for BLAKE, so let’s raise a glass to another ten years of music ahead.

646a8967a8fe24dfa07b92539fc5c16f Congratulations guys ❤️ I’ve only known you for 4 of these 10 years……but I have loved every second.
Dream A Little Dream
Thank you so much!

BLAKE In The News 2017

❤️Love seeing Blake in the news 📰

BLAKE are proud to be a part of #DameVeraLynn ‘s #100 Birthday Party on March 18th

Dame Vera Lynn and #Blake sing We’ll Meet Again Together
#memoriesinthemaking #ssafa

Stephen chats with #BBCRadio5  about Dame Vera Lynn February 6, 2017safe_image2



First show of 2017 is January 28th at Hertford Theatre in Hertford
Blake: Songs of Stage and Screen. To book call 01992 531500

May 2nd Blake Tour Dates

Brit Award-winners Blake are set to take to the stage at  Hertford Theatre  is aiming to blow the winter blues away with its line-up of stars from the worlds of comedy, music and film.  For music enthusiasts, the appearance of Brit Award-winners Blake is the must-see show of the season, featuring the finest songs from stage and screen with a stunning lights display.  Hertfordshire Mercury


Join us for a fantastic evening with Brit-Award-Winners Blake!

Fresh from recent appearances on the Graham Norton Show, Strictly Come Dancing & The One Show, British harmony *** Blake present a brand new tour featuring the finest songs from stage and screen, with projections & lighting that bring the cinematic magic to life.
Linked together with the boys famous improvised banter, the show features music from Hanz Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Leonard Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Leonard Cohen, The Beach Boys & many more.
This is the ultimate celebration of movies and musicals, all sung in thrilling vocal harmony.



I have so much pride in my heart right now ❤️


Huge thanks to all of you who helped us raise these funds for #Variety the children’s charity via our latest Christmas album!

blake-varietygb-12-16-16 blake-performing-at-variety-christmas-party-dec-2016-monkeys

carolinemonk I can’t thank Blake enough for all they have done and do for @varietygb They are the best in the business and if you haven’t got their Christmas album yet you are missing out, it’s fantastic! They donated £3, 500 from sales to the charity.
BLAKE have recorded a TV special for BBC1, to be aired on Christmas Eve at 9pm, joining forces with David Walliams to celebrate the life & career of Dame Shirley Bassey. BLAKE perform a unique duet with Dame Shirley, with a special twist! @thebandblake@stephenbowmanblake @blakepassion@malcolmbrenner @lizziecundy#classical #christmas #charity#donations #varietygb @oliverbaines

variety-christmas-2016 christmas-balls-with-monkey-dec-2016



A Classic Christmas


#Amazon #UK



Blake on Dame Shirley Bassey Christmas TV Special 2016



BLAKE join David Walliams & Dame Shirley Bassey for TV Special

BLAKE have recorded a TV special for BBC1, to be aired on Christmas Eve at 9pm, joining forces with David Walliams to celebrate the life & career of Dame Shirley Bassey. BLAKE perform a unique duet with Dame Shirley, with a special twist!

The trio and national treasure Dame Shirley have been working together throughout 2015 & 2016, recording a special Christmas single (The Christmas Song), performing on Graham Norton & Strictly Come Dancing, and headlining their own night at the Henley Festival, singing to over 7500 people. Coming together again to perform on this special TV show with David Walliams was another beautiful memory to add to the many that Blake have shared with the Dame!

The TV show will be aired on one of the most popular prime time TV slots of the year, at the highpoint of Christmas Eve! Working with the fantastic BBC Concert Orchestra and Blake’s conductor James Sherlock, a very special rendition of a much loved classic duet was put together specially for this show, including a very unexpected musical surprise from another famous star of the music world…



bandicam-2016-11-26-10-00-38-275 Stephen on his way to London Television Studios in black Mercedes




The Recording of the 80th. Birthday Show at the ITV Studio

Shirley Bassey Blog


Saturday night was the recording of the 80th. birthday show at the ITV studio in London with host David Walliams.


Dame Shirley performed 7 songs and sounded great and looked gorgeous. The recording took about 3 hours. It was a small studio and there were about 500 people in the audience. Unfortunately lots of people had to be disappointed and could not get in.

I had a very good view on the stage and sat close to Tim and Paul Joseph (It’s got to be Bassey)

The show will be broadcast on Christmas eve on BBC 1.

Host David Walliams did a few interviews with Dame Shirley Bassey but it was a bit of History Repeating as they were the same questions (and answers) as in former shows. In that sense a bit of a missed opportunity in my opinion. Don’t know if his jokes were all appreciated by Dame…

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