Blake…Hello from Beijing

Singing at the Beijing International Film Festival on Saturday – the only foreign artists invited to perform. Huge event watched by hundreds of millions each year, so extremely proud to have been asked to sing. Gives us a chance to wave the British music flag overseas once again! It’s a huge honour for us. Back to Shanghai in the summer, hopefully the Philippines before then and on to a big Scandinavian tour early next year. If you don’t keep swimming, you sink  See you all soon. X

Blake perform at the opening ceremony of Beijing International Film Festival April 13, 2019. Beijing TV … live broadcast at 8pm China time!

Super wonderful event in Beijing!


Bit of red carpet glamour for us boys in Beijing, keeping the British end up at the International Film Festival. We opened the festival with a performance of ‘Cinema Paradiso’ from our latest UK tour show. Was a massive honour and certainly a highlight of our 12 year career so far!

Performing Cinema Paradiso (Love theme from Cinema Paradiso)

Hanging out with Christopher Walken in Beijing, backstage at the Film Festival this weekend. We had just sung ‘Cinema Paradiso’ for the live TV opening and he came up afterwards to congratulate us, such a gent and true Hollywood royalty  Hard not to get utterly starstruck when you get a compliment from an icon like him! His voice is so distinctive and he still has his ‘don’t give a damn’ swagger too 

BLAKE is in Beijing, China.

A little hello from Beijing ahead of our big appearance at the Beijing Film Festival, obviously we’re a bit excited 


London! Blake’s Movies and Musicals Show is coming soon…

See Britain’s no. 1 harmony trio on Fri 5 Apr at 7.30pm

Booked tickets to watch Blake’s BIG London show at Richmond Theatre this Friday???Celebrating the best songs of Movies and Musicals, in rich vocal harmony🎶
We’re sure you’ll love it! 🥰

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Classic BRIT Award Winners, Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie are back with a brand new UK tour for 2019. Featuring the most celebrated music from stage & screen, plus all new songs from their latest No.1 selling ‘Anniversary Album’. This is the trios biggest tour in over 10 years!

BLAKE- Movies and Musicals Concert Tour – 2019

Movies & Musicals Concert Tour – 2019
Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie are back with a brand new UK tour for 2019, entitled ‘Movies & Musicals’. Featuring the most celebrated music from stage & screen, plus all new songs from their latest No.1 selling ‘Anniversary Album’. This is the trios biggest tour in over 10 years, featuring all new venues and special guests. Songs from all the greats like Morricone, Barry, Bernstein and Bizet will be amongst the many that feature in this brand-new tour. Add to this beautiful cinema projection backdrops, incredible choirs and some hilarious stories from the West End & silver screen worlds, it all adds up to the perfect night out.
“This new tour is a tribute to some of the very best stage and screen has to offer”
Since coming together in 2007 BLAKE have had enormous success throughout the World with over a million albums sold, No.1 hits in ten countries and approaching 150 TV appearances around the globe. Their career has seen them work with some of the industry greats including the magnificent Katherine Jenkins and the spectacular Dame Shirley Bassey.
BLAKE continue to delight audiences with their astounding singing and magnetic stage presence. Their friendship dates back to their school years and because of this their performances are natural and instinctive, which is why audiences come back to see them year after year.

For tickets please visit:

Unique theatre showcases Blake’s Movies and Musicals Tour

Lovely photos from last night’s show ❤🎶
Thanks BLAKETrinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough & #MickHickman 

Know someone from Gainsborough? We sing there tonight! This magnificent venue looks like a stunning church, but inside it’s actually a unique theatre. Seems fitting to be bringing our new show which celebrates Movies & Musicals here. We look forward to seeing you there later on!

❤Martin Riley on keys 🎹

Local Choirs Join Blake on Stage

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TRSPA – Theatre School of Performing Arts


Music…banter…and memories… Blake give their all for Budapest ♥

Thanks for this most Wonderful article Bojana Radonjic 

MNE MAGAZIN IN BUDAPEST: Band ,,Blake” thrills the audience at ,,Papp Laszlo Sportarena”

British band ,,Blake”, whose members are Stephen Bowman, Humphrey Berney and Oliver Baines, captured the audience at ,,Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena”.
At concert, that lasted almost two and a half hours last night, members of the band showed emotions and perfect harmonization. On stage, equally exceptional were the members of Hungarian symphonic orchestra. In several songs on stage with them was one of the most popular Hungarian singers, artist of crystal clear, powerful voice Zseda.
The concert began with a song ,,Somewhere” and the end of it was followed by the applause, as it was the case of every song they performed after it.
Bowman addressed the audience in Hungarian and joked: ,,As far as I know, I might have insulted all mothers.”
Berney continued and said: ,,But, we are ,,Blake” and we are here for the first time. Thank you for your warm welcome.”
Baines greeted the audience with song ,,She” by saying: ,,I hope that this song is not as old to you as we are.” Let us remind the readers that members of the band ,,Blake” are 38 (Bowman, Berney) and 36 (Baines) years old and that the French chansonnier Charles Aznavour wrote the song and released it in 1974.
As ,,Blake” had an interesting story for every song that night, Berney remembered the day they all went to Ennio Morricone’s concert in London.
– We were very excited because we saw many posters of us, but also those of the greatest composer Ennio Morricone who, too, will be performing at this stage. Come and hear him and we will now sing ,,Nella fantasia” that was composed by him, while Chiara Ferrau wrote the lyrics. It is the theme ,,Gabriel’s Oboe” from the film ,,Mission” – said Berney.

Next song was beautifully sung by Stephen Bowman – ,,Chasing cars”, by the band ,,Snow patrol”.
– All the ladies who speak English language, raise your hands. All the ladies who came here with a partner, now raise your hands. I bet, when single ladies heard Stephen singing ,,If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” all nodded their heads to him – joked Berney.
But, the audience in Budapest was ready to make jokes as well, so one of the ladies that came with a partner said that she nodded, too, and ,,Blake” and all the audience started to laugh.
After this joke, Berney continued in a more serious tone, saying that they were very happy to play with talented musicians such are the ones from the Hungarian symphonic orchestra.
That serious tone did not last for long, so he continued.
– I do not know if Hungary has more musicians or thermal spas. As soon as we landed, Stephen went to such spa. And he was born in a place called Bath – said Berney.

Then came songs filled with emotions ,,Desperado”, ,,Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen that was was the first ,,Blake” recorded, only to be joined on stage by Zseda in the ,,Up where we belong”: Afterwards Zseda sang one of her songs. The first part of the concert was closed with a song ,,The Impossible dream”.
In the second part, followed the songs ,,Moon river”, theme from the film ,,The Gladiator” ,,In Paradisum”, then ,,You raise me up”, ,,Fields of gold”, ,,Cavetina” and ,,Bring him home”. Zseda sang ,,You give me something”.
– Alright, this is our last song for tonight – said Bowman, while in the audience one could hear the sighs of disappointment.
Berney then said that they were a wonderful audience and Baines thanked the musicians.
With the song ,,Nessun dorma”, the three of them wished to come back to Budapest.
For the end they however left the song that they sang with Zseda – ,,Time to say goodbye”.
The audience did not wish it to end, so they applauded for a long time.
Members of the band ,,Blake” came out to the stage to thank the audience once again.
It was a night that will be remembered for a long time.

,,Blake” will be playing in Debrecen tonight.
Organizer of both concerts is Pannon Produkció.
Article and photos by: B. Radonjić

BLAKE FOR MNE MAGAZIN: We would love to come to Montenegro

Fabulous interview with Blake from  Bojana Radonjić

Stephen Bowman, Humphrey Berney and Oliver Baines

After a 12 year career, concerts in front of the British royal family, in front of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco, on the 100th birthday of Dame Vera Lynn, then those on the Olympic stadium in the run-up to the Olympic Games in London, on Wembley stadium, the Philippines, Taiwan, Barbados, China, Australia, Japan, USA, Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Russia, South Korea, working with Shirley Bassey, British band ,,Blake“ has held shows  on Friday and Saturday in Hungary.
We were at their first one, in ,,Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena“.
It was their first time to perform in Hungary and, judging from the long applause from the audience, it will not be their last.
Interview was done in two parts that evening, first with Stephen Bowman during the rehearsal and the second one with Humphrey Berney, Oliver Baines and Stephen Bowman in the 20-minute interval between the first and the second part of the concert.
It was in that interim we asked them about first impressions from the concert. Baines said it was a huge space, while Berney added the concert was wonderful.
– When we first arrived we saw that it is a very impressive space. It is big arena, so we were quite impressed, overwhelmed in many ways by the sheer size of it and we’ve heard that many famous acts have performed here, so we are very honoured to be on that list – said Berney.
We also talked about when will they perform in Montenegro, about dreams, the future and much more.

Stephen Bowman

You are here in Budapest promoting your ,,Anniversary album“ and ten years as a band. What were the highlights for you of those ten years?
: It was a very fast decade for us. It happened very quickly and there are many wonderful memories. I think one of our most special memories was going to the Royal Albert Hall to pick up the Brit award for our first album. A huge honour for a British artist. Even bigger when it’s your first album. We also greatly enjoyed performing at number of big venues around the world. Some of the big memories for us is performing at National Hall in Taipei, which is beautiful. Also performing at the Moscow House of music and, of course, performing at the Arena in Budapest is going to be a special memory as well. But, for us, I think one of the most enduring memories was having the opportunity to record with Shirley Bassey on our Christmas album three years ago, because when we were growing up, as young boys, we knew the voice of Shirley Bassey from the James Bond movies like ,,Goldfinger“. We never believed when we would be adults, we will be singing with this legendary singer. Also performing concerts with her as well in the UK.

On this album you also have a song ,,The impossible dream“. It has not been the impossible dream, these ten years. How does it feel?
 I think all three of us in the group now have to admit that sometimes it’s quite hard in the music industry. You have good days and you have bad days. So, although it does feel like a a dream sometimes, we also know that to survive in the world of music it is never just luck, it is never an accident. You have to put in a lot of work all the time to make that dream possible, always trying to perform the best you can, to be a good artist with other people you work with, your conductors, your orchestras, other solists. Like tonight with Zseda, you want to be the best you can be, so that you reflect well.
OLIVER BAINES: I mean, it’s 12 years now, starts this year actually, but it has been an extraordinary journey that always sounds like a very simple thing to say. Everybody always said: ,,Oh, a great journey.“, but actually it is extraordinary because it is a journey in age, maturity, experience and geography, travelling the world, meeting so many people, so many musicians. We do always have to remind ourselves how lucky we are, because like any job when you go on tour and you spend all the time with each other, all the flights and the driving, everything can become quite sort of mundane. If you are very lucky,  you are getting to go to these wonderful places and meet wonderful people, like tonight, performing with an orchestra that is always a huge privilege, because it is a very expensive thing to do. Very often in England when we are touring we always do it with only a pianist and not that many live musicians, so with an orchestra it’s a fabulous oportunity and we just have to remind ourselves that we are not in our office job or sort of stuck behind the desk somewhere. Even now after 12 years it’s still pretty special to be doing this job.

Oliver Bains

What do you dream of?
: I think for us now, we’ve performed now in 25 different countries around the world and maybe in ten years time, we would have liked to have performed in 50 countries around the world. As I was saying, for us it’s a huge honour to take very British style of music, because vocal harmony style is very traditional English and for us to have the opportunity to perform this style all over the world it’s like waving the English national flag, it fills us with pride. When we go to other countries and we perform, people sometimes give us a standing ovation at the end. We always feel we’ve done a good service to Great Britain.
HUMPHREY BERNEY: Over the years, we dreamed of performing in places like this. It doesn’t get any bigger or exciting than performing in a great arena of the famous city of the country that’s got a great musical heritage and culture. Tonight is a real dream for us, to come to Hungary for the first time and our first show to be here is just fantastic. So, I think we dream to come back and do more performances. We would like to do more in this part of the world. We’ve been to Sofia once, we’d love to go back to Bulgaria and places like Poland. There are so many countries we’ve never been to where I think our music will be appreciated and enjoyed. That’s what we continue to dream of, taking our music to new appreciative audiences and with that having the pleasure of experiencing new culture and meeting new people.
STEPHEN: We still have to perform in Montenegro.
So, when are you coming to Montenegro?
 Well, maybe when people read this article there will be a promoter in Montenegro who goes: ,,Wow, if they can be in a stadium in Budapest, we can make opportunities for that!“
HUMPHREY BERNEY: We’d love to come to Montenegro, so, it’s just finding the opportunity and hoping there’s the desire for us to go. Sadly, you’ve got to sell some tickets, so it would be lovely to have the support of people. It is a very famous country we’d all want to explore and get to know, so yes, if your readers are reading and would like us to come, then we’d love it to happen.

Humphrey Berney

The audience and the critics also see you as true British band. What stands out is pride. Pride when you are singing, pride when you are doing the charity work. What makes you most proud about being Stephen Bowman, Humphrey Berney, Oliver Baines, Blake?
: I think what makes me proud is knowing for many years I trained as a musician at Guildhall school of music and drama. Ollie, also, was at Guildhall school of music and drama and Humphrey went to a Royal academy. These are very all prestigious music conservatoire, so we were very lucky to study at very good colleges. Many of our friends and other pupil in our years of those colleges haven’t been so lucky to have a career where they can go and perform at huge stages and stadiums and travel all over the world. I think that we had been as the group and myself personally very blessed to have this opportunity, to do what we do. When I feel pride, it’s pride really that our little group of three people had stayed together and worked hard together to achieve something that many of my friends haven’t been so lucky to achieve. Music industry is very difficult. A very small percentage of people have the opportunity to make music for life. For lot of people music is a hobby, something they do for fun, but they don’t get paid to do it. We are lucky because we get to do this every day and we can call it a job.
HUMPHREY BERNEY: I think my two proudest things, I should say, are first – being a father – I now have two children, wonderful wife and a healthy family. And my second would be Blake – the fact that we are still going and that we have gone through so many ups and downs and so many challenges and start off 2019 in one of the most prestigious venues in the world.
OLIVER BAINES: I think I am proud of that I’ve done it all through my twenties and into proper adulthood and that we’ve sort of all grown, we made it work as a sort of a family. There are certainly things that I still think that can always be improved. I don’t think there is any sense of us resting on our laurels, but I am really proud of what Blake has done. I always wished that more people could experience it and can see it and wish that we were able to go to places and sing to more people, because I have a great faith that what we do is of a very high quality and I think that we do it at a distinctly good level. When we sing, we sing well, when we do harmonies, we do them well, when we make arrangements we use really good people, people that we love and are very talented. Every time we release an album, it’s not just an album, it’s a real sense of achievement and there’s time, effort and love that’s gone into it. I’m very proud within this group there were three albums that I’ve produced and that we managed to get them out on time and on the budget and to high quality and that’s been really hard to do and even when we were with a major label that never got done. So, there are things that we’ve learned along the way that we should all be very proud of.
STEPHEN: And it’s nice to think that there’s more. I mean, over the years we’ve met many younger artists who were staring in the industry. There are still lot of questions about how do you build a career, how do you take singing from being a hobby into being something that you can do every day, which can pay your bills. As I’ve said, it’s always a hard work. People were always reffered to us being lucky we were there at the right time and the right place, but actually the luck is about 0,01 percent, the rest is consistent hard work. So, when young singers say how do you make it in the business?, you really are saying to them you just have to work very hard. If you keep working hard then you make your own luck. Little gold nugget of luck comes up once in a while.  You can’t hope for that.

Journalist of MNE magazin with band Blake backstage in ,,Pap Laszlo Budapest Sportsarena”

What it is like to be an independent artist in the United Kingdom?
 Tough, I will be honest. Anywhere in the world is tough, I would say. The freedoms you have is ability to choose your own destiny, but you have to work yourself to make it happen and that means that you have to be more in control of everything that happens within your business, within your band and where you choose to go. You don’t just turn up and do the job, you are involved in every part of it. Like tonight, this is a classical example – this is something we’ve been planning since, I think, March or April, if not further. It was certainly booked a year in terms of me talking to the musicians. I remember deciding the size of the orchestra and what songs are we gonna do literally last Spring and of course, you don’t have anything and then suddenly you get it two months before and you’re like: ,,Oh, my God! I can’t remember what I did!“ For most people who aren’t independent artists everything is decided for them and it gets organized behind the scenes. It’s much more hands on approach which is fun, but also difficult.
STEPHEN BOWMAN: The good thing is when you’re an independent artist and when it is a hands on approach, when the concert goes really well, the sense of pride that you have of what you have achieved is very fulfilling. Anybody that has a small company and builds it into the big company, that sense of achievement. It’s been always a struggle, but there had been great times as well.

A few shots from our Arena shows in Hungary this weekend, including some special duet moments with the talented @zsedavue – thank you to the thousands who attended our first shows in Hungary, we can’t wait to return for more soon!


Behind the scenes rehearsing with our wonderful orchestra in Debrecen in Hungary, such fantastic instrumentalists every one of them; always a real joy to tour with an orchestra, takes the music to a whole new level!

Blake: A Classical Evolution

Recently, front of house engineer, Rick Dickerson, was called upon after almost a decade away, to work some shows with his old pals, Blake – a super-talented British three-piece, who have topped the classical charts several times. He takes us through this reunion, and grabs a chat with the band about their musical story, and some recent live shows.

It’s 2009. I’m on a UK tour with a vocal group called Blake who’d had some success with their first two albums, both of which had reached number one in the classical chart.

As part of the PA spec, the company was providing them with four radio microphones from in-house stock. However, the band had spent the previous year on tour supporting Katherine Jenkins, and prior to the tour, her engineer, Dick Rabel, had acquired them a radio system from Audio-Technica. I’ve known Dick Rabel 30-odd years, and he’s a guy who has always picked and supported products on their individual merit, not on a brand name, so I knew I had to try them out.

At the time, I was a little sceptical, although when the guys presented the rack unit to me, and I had a look in their microphone case, I was pleasantly surprised to find the radio mics fitted with Audio-Technica’s superb AE5400 condenser capsule. I had long been a fan of the AT4054, which I believe the AE5400 was the upgrade to, adding a high pass filter tailored specifically for vocals.

I had two wired 4054s, and an AE5400 in my mic stock at the time, so I was curious to see how they compared to each other, and what difference the radio system would make when added into the equation.

During the tour, Blake’s radio mics were flawless; and at no time did I have any drop-outs or interference. The mics were colour-coded, and placed on the same mic stands every night, and the guys often changed places, sharing each other’s kit. At no time did I feel the need to punch in, or set up alternative EQs for their respective voices.

All in all, a very impressive microphone and package – and, may I add, a significant saving in terms of investment against some comparable systems. At the time, I think I might have remarked, ‘well, they’re great now, but I wonder what they’ll sound like after a couple of hundred shows?’

Fast forward to July 2018. I got an email from Alex, Blake’s manager, asking if I could cover a number of Blake gigs in September. Having worked for them before, I was more than happy to oblige. Imagine my surprise when Ollie turned up still carrying the same rack case I’d seen some nine years earlier. I was surprised for two reasons: firstly, there has been a change of frequency allocation for PSME devices since these mics were first purchased; and second, these guys work and work, with over 100 shows a year.

To my reckoning, if these were indeed the original microphones, they’d done well over 1,000 gigs. When I asked the guys if it was the same equipment, they said ‘yes, of course’. The guys sounded as wonderful as I’d remembered, and so did their microphones.

After a thoroughly enjoyable gig, I took the opportunity to ask the lads some questions.

“We are a vocal group of three guys who are all vocalists, so no lead singer: we use our voices to create harmony, and that allows us to do a very wide range of music and genres,” opens Humphrey. “We started off on Universal Records, and that led us to touring around the world, and we now have our own label, Blake Records. We just released our seventh album, which went to number one in the classical charts.”

Impressive! I ask the boys how the industry has changed since they first started out, and how it’s affected their careers.

“Very simply, when we started out as a group, the principle aim for our record label was to sell as many CDs as possible,” says Stephen. “In the interim years, everything has changed; the industry is upside down, so it’s all about putting on a great live show, as that’s where 95% of our work is. So we’ve had to concentrate more and more on increasing the number of people coming to our live shows, making the live shows better, and that has a huge amount to do with the quality of sound, and the production we put together.”

The classical scene: how has that evolved in recent years, and what are the coolest bits of that part of the business?

“People think this is a classical group, but actually, we are separate from the core classical,” says Humphrey.

“I think that’s absolutely right,” Ollie concurs. “We’ve gone from a situation where there was a slightly snobby attitude to what we do, whereas now, there’s much more acceptance, and we’re able to work professionally with people who are considered core classical musicians.

“That’s down to a changing of mood, and the way that people look at classical crossover, and realise that actually, what we’re doing is commercial. We’re delivering something to a thirsty audience who want to hear great songs performed our way, and just singing Bach cantatas isn’t going to work for everybody.

“They realise that you’re serious about it, and you’ve done it for a long time, and you deliver a high quality arrangement to a high standard, so there’s a lot more respect now. I used to feel I had to back my corner before, and now I feel much more accepted in this line of work in the crossover industry.
“And the coolness of it is still singing with musicality from a classical background, bringing a style of music that some people wouldn’t necessarily have gone to see, but they see us and realise, actually it’s something that they love,” adds Humphrey. “I hope sometimes that’s not just the repertoire that we sing, but the way that we perform.”

I ask the guys if there is a bit of kit that they simply couldn’t be without?

“The only equipment that remains consistent on every show, every night, are our A-T AE5400 microphones,” Ollie insists. “It is the fundamental device that allows you to amplify your vocals, and is the core – and I would say the most important – device.

“Now, people might argue with that, and say it’s down to monitors, speakers, and mixing desks – and also the person that’s in control of your sound – however, the chain has to start somewhere!”
My worst gig for you guys was yesterday, when a gentleman walked up to me and said: ‘that was dreadful; amplifying the sound like that is rubbish; you should do it acoustically; it’s disgusting, distorted, and horrible!’

I felt somewhat demoralised, and started to apologise profusely. It was only then that I noticed what looked like tiny antennae sticking out of his ears!

“[laughs] I think sometimes the fact that we can sing, and that we come from a classical background, our audiences expect, and want, an acoustic set; but they don’t understand the limitations of that in a modern theatre,” explains Humphrey.

Finally, gents: what is the best thing about being in this industry?
“The opportunity to travel,” says Humphrey.
“That’s true,” Stephen agrees.
“And the opportunity to earn a living from live performance is a very rare thing, so we’re very appreciative of that,” Humphrey continues. “We’ve met some amazing people, and we’ve performed in some of the greatest venues in the world, and we’re very grateful.”

😊 Great article from Headliner Magazine:  January 5th, 2019


Happy New Year 2019

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Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough on 09 March 2019
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Kirklees Town Hall in Huddersfield on 10 March 2019
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Grand Opera House in York on 27 March 2019
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The Brewhouse in Taunton on 29 March 2019
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Richmond Theatre in Richmond, Surrey on 05 April 2019
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Embassy Theatre in Skegness on 11 April 2019
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Town Hall in Loughborough on 12 April 2019
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The Corn Exchange in Stamford on 18 April 2019
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More to come!!!


Merry Christmas Friends 🎄🎶


Blake Headline Sold Out Show in Shanghai December 5, 2018

Whilst in Shanghai… Blake  “Delighted to be awarded the international achievement award by the Asian Cultural Artists Association for our support of autism through music & for encouraging singing in students of all ages. We will display our awards with pride and pledge to continue our support of these initiatives as we visit Asia for many years to come. Very humbling to think that we can make a difference.”
Our headline concert in Shanghai this week, an amazing honour for we three boys. Filling this iconic venue with new Chinese fans brings us great joy and pride. We look likely to be back in China in April for more shows too! Huge thanks to all our amazing team in Europe & China who make these tour dates possible!

Our biggest concert of 2018, on the 5th of December in Shanghai, at the iconic Oriental Arts Centre. Live orchestra, huge projections & some special guest artists. Loads of great TV promo of this show across China this month; so very few tickets left! Going to be a fun show!

Stephen Bowman Our biggest show of 2018, 5th of December in Shanghai at the massive Oriental Arts Centre.  2500 seater and we are delighted! Hope to see some of our Chinese fans there after the show 🙂

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

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Blake Give Back to the Community Singing to Help Charities


Last night’s special charity concert with @farylsmith in @worthingtheatres was so much fun! Raising funds for the @chestnuttreehouse children’s hospices; do look up their inspiring work. When we performed with Faryl last she was just 15, fresh from her success on Britain’s Got Talent. Now 23 and about to finish studies at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, we genuinely feel she has one of the best voices we’ve heard in years, blowing us away even in her sound check. Mid concert, mid song, her microphone failed, but she just continued without it, totally unamplified, filling a massive venue like a total pro. Couldn’t ask to work with a more humble & genuine artist too. We wish her continued success with her final year of studies and a great career to come. Look forward to sing with you again.

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Howard WilkieIt was a fabulous evening, with wonderful singing from Blake and Faryl. The Sussex Gruffs were so privileged to be one of your warm-up acts, thank you for having us.”

Kathy Marion & Ann meet the incredible who are booked for our FSH Summer Concert on 20 July 2019 -make sure you save the date!



Worthing performing arts school to expand as #Blake support slot beckons
After eight years as a performing-arts teacher alongside her own performance work, Charlotte launched CMT Performing Arts Academy in January this year – and has been delighted with its rapid impact. Charlotte teaches youngsters aged five to 19 –and quickly found herself launching new classes. Now she has launched Saturday morning sessions for 12 and under, to go alongside her advanced classes on Mondays and her junior academy on Thursdays.
Additionally she does one-to-one performance coaching (vocal and acting) for students looking to go into drama schools and wanting to improve their audition technique. Currently she has got around 30 students at the academy. Charlotte’s hope would be to expand her CMT Academy to around 60 youngsters, and the signs are looking good. In the meantime, Charlotte is delighted to have been asked back to support BLAKE at #WorthingPavilionon November 10.
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By #PhilHewitt
Published: Monday 29 October 2018
More details: 07909960942.
Chestnut Tree House #ChestnutSussex The Sussex Gruffs Worthing Theatres Seaford College Choir Faryl Smith
Charlotte and her young performers are taking part in a #charity #concert in Worthing, raising funds for Chestnut Tree House.

The concert features #Blake with support from Faryl Smith, Sussex Gruffs Male Voice #Choir, Seaford College Chapel Choir and the CMT Academy of Performing Arts. It will take place at the #PavilionTheatre in Worthing on Saturday, November 10.

Charlotte Melissa Tyler

Here’s a sneak preview of the programme cover for charity concert @worthingtheatre on 10 November with all profits to @ChestnutSussex . Features super band #Blake with great support, #charity #music #Worthing#Brighton #Chichester @chestnuttreehouse @thebandblake #Twitter #Tweet#BlakePassion

Here’s a message from super band Blake who will be headlining the charity concert @worthingtheatre on 10 November with all profits going to @ChestnutSussex. Hope to see you there. #charity #music #Worthing#Brighton #Chichester #Bognor…/status/1050793901454430209

Blake celebrate 10 years together having enjoyed phenomenal success during that period. This year they have embarked on an extensive UK tour and have released an anniversary album having previously releasing 5 successful albums. Expect to hear songs from their new album along with all the band’s popular anthems in powerful three part harmony.

Supporting Blake will be Faryl Smith making a welcome return to Worthing following appearances in charity concerts featuring Collabro and Aled Jones. Faryl came to prominence when she reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2008 aged only 12 years.

Also supporting are Sussex Gruffs Male Voice Choir and the Seaford College Chapel Choir.

All profits to Chestnut Tree House and collections on the doors.
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Malmesbury Abbey concert raises £11,500 for hospice
By Sam Krayem-Wood
Blake Concert at Malmesbury Abbey in aid of Dorothy House on Friday 2nd November 2018

On Friday, November 2, a concert took place at Malmesbury Abbey organised by the North Wiltshire Friends of Dorothy House in aid of their local hospice.

Classical Brit Award winners, Blake performed at the sell-out concert that raised vital funding for patient care at Dorothy House.

Over 350 people attended the concert and enjoyed a wide repertoire of well-known songs such as Moon River, Chasing Cars, Nimrod, Jerusalem and Halleluiah by Leonard Cohen.

Founding member of classical and pop group, Blake, Ollie Baines, grew up in Little Somerford near Malmesbury and his parents came to support the event and watch Ollie perform.

Phillippa Watson, philanthropy manager at Dorothy House Hospice Care said: “Our thanks to Blake and to the North Wiltshire Friends Group for a stunning evening of entertainment.

“Blake’s performance was sublime and offered an incredible variety of songs and wonderful musicality.

“We are so grateful to all involved for the impressive sum raised to fund patient care and support for families and carers.”

Rebecca Whitworth, from the North Wiltshire Friends of Dorothy House added: “We are delighted that the concert was such a great success, raising money for such a well-deserving cause.”

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