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Hello, I love the UK Band ‘Blake’ and am supporting & helping them increase their fan base and exposure.  Hope you will give their beautiful music a listen.

Updates! March 17, 2016

Blake has released ‘In Harmony’, ‘OPM’ and ‘A Classic Christmas’ albums available on iTunes: and ‘OPM’

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Christmas with Blake and me (Sherrill aka Blake passion) December 19, 2015 12400845_543253869184358_6137174942499784073_n


Their CD; Start Over was just released. It is available on iTunes

New single release; Living On Sunshine

Awesome song:  No Way To Know

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So Happy Wallpaper

My Favorite Blake Song ♥♥♥ Chasing Cars

New release “So Happy”  June 2013


Available on iTunes.UK

So Happy  on  Twitmusic 


Pursuing my Passion…Stephen Bowman and Blake

Stephen, I’ve watched your Ustream chat twice today. The day of the chat is where I first “heard” of you and Blake. Not the actual chat, but from seeing my friends’ Tweets all over my timeline! I was like, Who is she tweeting? So I read your name and Googled you. Music band Blake. I was very impressed that you would take the time to chat and chat for so long❤ I wanted to say Hello to you,  but didn’t. Then you tweeted saying to send a hello message to you and you would say hello back and follow. My window was open! I tweeted you and sent picture, “Welcome to My World”. And you followed me back 🙂 At this point I still had not heard any music. Someone shared “Bring Him Home” … that song. That was my first Blake song 😍 Beautiful harmonies and voices. Then came lots more tweets!! And many Fan Pages and Fan Sites later……. I  have now listened to  ♫To Make You Feel My Love♫Living On Sunshine♫ and  🎶No Way to Know🎶 ……which is my favorite (so far). I have bought Blake & And So It Goes CD’s. Will order Start Over CD ♪♫

Thank you Stephen (and Blake)

March 24,2013
So much has happened in less than a month! I am so honored to be Co- Admin with Victoria♥(The Official Stephen Bowman)
Thank you so very much Victoria♥
I have and love all 4 of Blake’s CD’s.
So far this is my Live performance of Blake ♥♥♥ Blake Sneaky Peak

Stephen’s First webchat   February 3, 2013

Stephen’s Tea Party     Published on Jun 9, 2013     A special 90 minute private video session with questions from Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to everyone for taking part, was such fun for me! – Captured Live on Ustream at…

🙂 🙂 🙂 August  2013  So Happy 🙂 So very Happy with Victoria & Diane

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Started my own Blake Fan Sites♥♥♥

My Blake World touched-up.

Blake Passion Group; Passion Page; Passion Twitter; @BlakePassion

Time for coffee, cake and Blake

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 October 2013       I can’t love them too much ♥♥♥

Cloud Curtains

You Raise Me Up
Concert Highlights
With or Without You
No Way To Know

and my favorite song is … Chasing Cars   Love♥Love♥Love♥


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My friend ♥Cynthia♥ went to see Blake in October and  guys signed flyer for me 🙂 My first personal autographs from ♥Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie ♥Blake♥

My Blake autographs


Blake recorded an OPM CD and went to Philippines Dec 12th for shows & promoting their new CD!!! My friend ♥Meg bought me the CD, guys signed it for me and she got photos/video of them signing it for me ♥ It was an unforgettable experience for her & I as we both learned a lot about shipping around the world 😉 Thanks to my niece Amanda for help♥ I treasure my first CD from ♥Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie ♥Blake♥

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BLAKE’s first ever Tagalog album!!! Get your copy here …iTunes: 
Do share with your friends! Salamat po
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  Roadside life in the Philippines

     Merry Christmas

Stephen, Ollie and Humphrey

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