Nothing could be finer than to be in Blackburn with Blake

Symphony at the Tower with Blake

Blake’s Heaven

Blake's Heaven





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7/4/2-15 Riding a Virgin train up to Preston, ready for our massive show at Hoghton Castle for 3000 people, with full orchestra & fireworks! Gorgeous weather, tonight is going to be a cracker! Coming?


WHEN classical trio BLAKE headline Symphony at The Tower on Saturday night they have just one request.
“I just hope they tell us when the fireworks are about to go off,” said band member ‪#‎OllieBaines‬. “We did one event with fireworks and they just set them off right behind us. It terrified the life out of us.”
‪#‎Blake‬ have become one of the most successful classical crossover groups winning a classical Brit Award and topping the album charts along the way.
The trio – Ollie, ‪#‎StephenBowman‬ and ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬ – have played all over the world and their on-stage banter combined with stunning vocal performances have introduced new fans to classical music.
“I think that people who haven’t seen us before are surprised at how much fun we have on stage,” said Stephen.
“We have fun among ourselves and also with the audience, that inter-action is so important to us.”
“An event like Symphony at the Tower is perfect for us,” said Humphrey. “We hope that people will bring along their picnics and that the weather will be great and they just relax and enjoy the show.
“We like a bit of friendly banter during a show,” said Ollie. “We’ve found that the more wine boxes we see being brought into a festival the more banter there is.”
Joining Blake for Saturday night’s show will be Britain’s Got Talent star Lucy Kay. “We’ve not done a show with Lucy before so that should be good fun,” said Ollie. “We might be able to work on bringing her to sing with us at some stage.”
Blake promise a set which fits the imposing setting of the grounds of Hoghton Tower. “It will certainly have a Last Night of the Proms feel,” said Humphrey.
But, this being a Blake concert, the trio also promises some surprises along the way. “It surprises people who haven’t seen us before when we do a song by Snow Patrol as part of the show,” said Stephen. “But we like to sing songs that we ourselves enjoy – it could be something from Les Miserables or a West End musical or a chart hit. We like to keep it varied.”
Ollie added: “We often get husbands or boyfriends come up after the show and say that they got dragged along by their partners but that they actually really enjoyed the night. I think that’s a compliment.”
All three of Blake are particularly pleased to be involved in the Hoghton Tower event. “The fact that it raises so much for St Catherine’s Hospice, Lancashire makes this a special event,” said Humphrey. “Hospices do such a great job and sadly we probably all have had family members or a friend who has battled cancer. The fact that we can play our part by doing a concert like this is added motivation to make it an even more special night.”
Tickets for both nights of the Symphony at the Tower event are now available by calling 01772 690712 or 01772 629171.

Lancashire telegraph July 2, 2015

It’s a real honour to be performing at Hoghton Tower this Saturday with #LucyKay for #StCatherine’sHospice, Lancashire Coming?
July 4th Tickets available at St Catherine’s Hospice, Lancashire or online for Box Office Collection at

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#BlakePassion I love seeing you (‪#‎Blake‬) honored in print 💗

So exciting 🙂 BLAKE at Hoghton Tower
Know before you Go!!
Symphony at The Tower “Coming to Hoghton This weekend? Check out any FAQs here and come prepared for the party…”
St Catherine’s Hospice, Lancashire
Lucy Kay
AJ Brown



🌟Picnic 🌟Concert 🌟Fireworks 🌟Charity



Brit-Award winners BLAKE will be giving their biggest outdoor show of 2015 at Hoghton Tower’s beautiful castle location, near Blackburn.
The night will feature a stunning selection of songs from the worlds of pop, classical and musicals, all delivered in lush three part harmony, backed by the Heart of England orchestra.
Joining the boys will be Britain’s Got Talent star Lucy Kay. who will be singing classical anthems from her latest album. As the evening draws to a close the finale numbers will be accompanied by fireworks lighting up the sky above the stage and the audience.                          July 4th promises to be a true celebration of Britishness, fine music and passionate singing!
Doors open at 5pm so that the audience can arrive early with their picnics, blankets and chairs, to pick the best spots for this incredible one-off evening. Don’t miss our biggest classical-crossover outdoor concert of 2015!

WELCOME TO HOGHTON TOWER                                                                                                                                                                                 Arrive early and tour the beautiful Hoghton Tower!

Sign at Hoghton Tower

Tour Hoghton Tower


Tour Tower 2

Enjoy a festive Picnic
Filled with Sumptuous Savories and Delicious Desserts with or without Crisp Chilled Wine…
Enjoy one of our freshly prepared Picnics at Symphony at The Tower, with Blake and Lucy Kay, and celebrate everything that’s awesome about Summer!

Picnic Basket
What’s more, this beautiful wicker basket is yours to keep after the event.                                                      

Trio’s biggest show of 2015 ‘Symphony at the Tower’ on July 4th in Blackburn

Blake on stage!

Trio’s biggest show of 2015 ‘Symphony at the Tower’ on July 4th

Blake and Lucy Kay

Fireworks 🎆 Fireworks

All for Charity
St Catherine’s Hospice is a local charity which is here to help people in our community affected by serious illness enjoy quality of life and have dignity in death.

Blake performing at St Catherine's