Blake Journeys to Taipei


Bye bye everyone! Off to Taiwan we go, the National Concert Hall awaits!

Off we go! A huge honour for us Brits to be headed to Taiwan to give a concert in their most iconic venue!

11 hours of flying to HK, 3 more to Taipei & straight into rehearsals! No time to conquer jetlag, we just #redbull & go I expect to have no idea what planet I’m on by around early evening, but that’s the way it is with international touring. Currently 8:15am here, but my body clock is 8 hours behind at midnight; hence why I’m cradling a Starbucks & listening to electro very loud, must stay awake

First order of business upon arrival in Taipei? Local beef noodles, with all their offally goodness & flavour! Our wonderful agent Catherine knows all the best places, we’re lucky boys! Yummy!

Our first visit to the big night food market at Ningxia, so many choices! We had fish balls, pork dumplings & soup, stir fried chicken, noodles, shaved ice desserts & lots else! It’s a hot, fragrant & busy place, with barely a westerner in sight, we felt honoured to be there! We’re so full

Drive around central Taipei & you’ll see an alarming number of these 🙂 The promoters have done a fabulous job of selling out the 2500 seat venue we are playing here. Can’t wait to perform now!

We can be a fly on the wall at their #press #conference today June 22, 2017 !!!


Riding the fastest lift in the world, at over 1000 meters a minute! Ears go pop a few times but it’s pretty incredible 🙂

Sherrill Klaus I would love the ride up and the the view… but not the ride down 

#taipei101 #fastestlift #taipei101tower #lift

thebandblake Singing for an audience of 1000 school students tonight; cultural exchange! Great to be able to share what we do with the younger generation too, after all, they’ll be replacing us in the future 🙂 Hope to inspire a few Taiwanese students to take up classical singing and harmony vocals.

Sherrill Klaus  ❤️ You are a beautiful inspiration to all ❤️

A few concert shots of tonights show in Taipei with our young orchestra & choir. They were amazing, as were the audience, great to see over 1000 people waving their phone lights in time to Edelweiss 🙂 A great memory to cherish!

Stephen performing Over The Rainbow with 20 young Taiwanese singers, all with lovely voices and big smiles. Certainly a memory I’ll cherish in my ten years of singing with @thebandblake & traveling the world.

Blake #19:50 Spectacular!!! #Edelweiss ❤️🎶

Such beautiful scenery and exotic foods ☺️

Lovely tea location and a beautiful gift

Tonight is their #BIG show!!! ❤️🎶😊

Stephen Bowman at 國家音樂廳 ·
The auditorium of the National Concert Hall in Taiwan, our venue for tonight, soon to be full to the brim with 2500 new friends & fans from Taipei! This is extremely exciting for us boys, a career highlight for sure!

  • stephenbowmanblake Standing in front of the National Concert Hall of Taiwan, ready for our show! So so excited! 🙂
  • blakepassion So excited for you 😊🎶❤️

thebandblake Have you ever seen a national concert hall quite like Taiwan’s? It is MASSIVE. The closer you look, the more detail you see. Can’t believe we have sold this venue out in a country we’ve never been to before; maybe we should come here more often 😉

Backstage monitor shot of our show in Taipei tonight, going very well so far, great audience!

  • stephenbowmanblakeHundreds of people lined up for photos with us after the show, so we met every single one of them, greeting them with our best ‘Ni hao’ and thanking them with a ‘Xie Xie’ 🙂 Never seen a reaction like this before, except perhaps in the Philippines where the audience were equally warm and kind to us. It’s so touching to be 10,000 kilometres away from home, but still get that warmth like the UK. We are very lucky chaps! 🙂

blakepassion The world is your Home Away from Home❤️😊

Sherrill Klaus Sherrill Klaus 👏🏻❤️Take a bow👏🏻 ❤️
Time To Go Home
Stephen: Can’t leave Taiwan without a decent massage & reflexology! Two ladies pummelled the hell out me and I feel ready to pass out on the plane home. What a fantastic trip, I can’t wait to come back!







Tribute to Sir Terry Wogan RIP

We 3 boys will miss ‪#‎TerryWogan‬ very dearly. The last gentleman DJ & presenter and a kind supporter of our music. ‪#‎SirTerryWogan‬ you once described us as “a trio of surpassing musical brilliance”, we only have 1 word for you “Legend”. January 31, 201612524062_10154027630590466_8028235377146878668_n

Proud to have appeared on BBC One news tonight, describing our favourite memories of Sir Terry Wogan, a true gentleman.

bandicam 2016-01-31 19-08-39-248

BLAKE Our very last radio interview with #TerryWogan on @BBCRadio2  #SirTerryWogan will be dearly missed by us all.

YouTube video

Bedford Proms Concert

Bedford Park Concert August 6th, 2016

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bandicam 2016-05-19 19-16-40-281bandicam 2016-05-19 19-17-01-735bandicam 2016-05-19 19-17-13-755

1936250_542376539257870_2583229669930396071_nElms Bedford BMW

Thank you to Brit Award winners BLAKE for an exclusive private performance in our BMW showroom tonight, a prelude to Bedford Park Concerts Proms on 6th August 2016 ‪#‎Blake‬

13220935_10153462043431533_7976314346776224089_nstephenbowmanblakeLinked up with BMW to promote our huge outdoor concert at Bedford Park, tough 😉 #bmw #bmwi8#toughlife #boystoys #carporn #mynextcar#inmydreams

  • stephenbowmanblakeAnd apparently I get to test drive this beast on the day of the concert! Yay! 🙂

Classical boyband Blake reveal ‘dream’ to sing in Bedford

THEY have sung for the Queen, performed on top of the Great Wall of China and won a Brit Award. But classical boyband Blake have now revealed their true dream – to sing in Bedford.

The band – made up of Stephen Bowman, Oliver Baines and Humphrey Berney – are busy jetting around the globe on their world tour to glamorous destinations including Dubai, but said it would be ‘a dream come true’ when they take to the stage at Bedford Proms in the Park, sponsored by Bedfordshire On Sunday, on August 6.

The talented trio raised the hairs on the arms of a select crowd as they performed four rousing songs at a launch event for the proms, held at Elms BMW in Bedford, on Thursday night.

The lucky few in attendance got a sneak peak of the eclectic performance the boys will deliver for the proms as the trio launched into electrifying renditions including Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’, Les Miserables’ ‘Bring Him Home’ and one of the best-known opera songs of all time, Nessun Dorma.

Speaking exclusively to the BoS before they took up their microphones, the boys revealed it would be their first time performing in the town.

Stephen said: “We’ve heard great things about Bedford, it’s a beautiful place.

“We’re certainly going to be singing our classics and being a prom with a full orchestra and a choir of 80, it’s going to be vocally a spectacular show. We’re definitely going to get people singing along and waving their flags.”

But despite ten years together, over a million album sales and being recruited to perform a Christmas duet with the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey – one of their career highlights – the boys revealed they still suffer from pre-performance jitters.

“I think it’s only natural when you see thousands of people in front of you all waiting expectantly for something to come out of your mouth,” said Oliver.

“The nerves definitely build up, but we’ve performed together thousands and thousands of times now. We just like to have fun together and because we do, the audience do as well.”

The boys certainly do have fun on stage together – proved by their banter at the BMW launch event.

They joked about arriving in a rival Mercedes car, and at one point Stephen even lifted the gull wing doors on a new i8 BMW they were performing next to and slipped inside – while still singing.

If that is anything to go by, their performance at Bedford Proms in the Park should really get people revved up.

articleClassical boyband Blake perform at a launch event for Bedford Proms in the Park at Elms BMW.    Read more: 

Read more:
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August 6th
Pre-order your ‪#‎picnic‬ hamper from Brownes Coffee House
Check out their recipe for ‪#‎victoriaspongepudding‬ 😊

Bedford Park Proms Bedfordshire News Bedford Park Concerts
‪#‎Fun‬ ‪#‎Fireworks‬ ‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎proms‬

Ready for BLAKE’s biggest ever UK outdoor concert? Join us on August 6th at Bedford Park Proms for a spectacular night with full orchestra, fireworks, lasers, lights and flag waving! Tickets here:

bandicam 2016-01-25 14-41-55-965

“Always ready to see and hear BLAKE 💗”

London Gala Orchestra Bedford Choral Society


Sherrill Klaus‎ to Blake Passion
November 28, 2015 ·
Classical trio will sing low at Bedford Proms
Classical Brit Award Winning BLAKE have sold over 1 million albums and will be taking to the stage at the 20th anniversary ‪#‎Proms‬ event in 2016 – again sponsored by Bedfordshire on Sunday.
Their extraordinary success has seen them tour extensively all over the world and as well as winning over the public they have also been firm favourites with Royalty, performing several times for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
The band consists of ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬, ‪#‎OllieBaines‬ and ‪#‎StephenBowman‬ and its been an extraordinarily busy time for them of late as they have just released their Christmas album, which includes ‘‪#‎TheChristmasSong‬’ their new single with
‪#‎DameShirleyBassey‬, which is a 10/1 odds favourite to be this year’s Christmas No1.
‪#‎Blake‬ have several high profile TV appearances coming up including The Graham Norton Show on December 4 and ‪#‎Strictly‬ fans will be delighted to know they will perform on the show on Christmas Day.
The boys will join Soprano Rebecca Newman who already know each other well having performed several times already together and even guested on each other’s albums. Rebecca’s version of ‘‪#‎ThePrayer‬’ featuring Blake is sensational and will sure to be one of the songs the audience will want to hear.
Mark Harrison, promoter of Bedford Park Concerts said: “It’s a real coup to have confirmed Blake, they continue to be one of the most popular ‪#‎classical‬ groups in the world and they delight audiences when ever they perform live. “It’s fantastic to welcome them to ‪#‎BedfordParkProms‬ next year to help us celebrate our 20th Proms.
The #BedfordParkProms takes place on the August 6 2016.
Mark added: “Tickets would make a perfect ‪#‎Christmas‬ ‪#‎gift‬ for families and friends!”
Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online

24/11/15 Blake for BoS Leisure Blake
24/11/15 Blake for BoS Leisure





Ollie’s Place


Blake’s Ollie Baines: “We’re more like a family than colleagues ”

ALTHOUGH Blake is renowned for that feel good factor on stage, I can confirm that chatting to #OllieBaines, one of the classical vocal trio is an absolute tonic too.

He’s fun, friendly, down to earth and incredibly up beat about life. He certainly shows no sign of taking any of it for granted either – even though he’s been singing since he was eight and performing with Blake for ten years.

Ollie was a chorister at both New College, Oxford and Winchester Cathedral. He was also a member of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and learned the French horn and trumpet. He is also a keen #pianist.

Ollie, a tenor, says of touring: “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have seen so much of the world, and at such a young age. Before I was even at university I’d toured throughout Europe, Australia, America and Africa with various choirs, and Blake has taken me further still.”

Ollie is also a keen sailor, skier and horseman. He has survived both a light plane crash and being held hostage in an armed bank robbery. He grew up in the Wiltshire countryside with a plethora of pets, including five dogs.

“I am one of those lucky people who genuinely like being up there on stage, singing my heart out. For me that’s what it’s all about. And it’s essential to enjoy yourself, because that way, the audience tend to enjoy themselves as well.”

The British #harmony group is now back with a brand-new tour which includes two dates in Dorset featuring the finest songs from stage and screen.

Linked together with the boys’ much-loved improvised banter, the show features music from Hanz Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Leonard Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Leonard Cohen and The Beach Boys.

The tour follows appearances alongside the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey, with whom they released a Christmas single last December. The single featured on their festive album ‘A Classic #Christmas’ in aid of children’s charities Variety and Noah’s Ark Hospice.

The members of Blake all found their love of #music at a young age and sang with various groups and choirs throughout their childhood.

Blake has had several number ones, multi-platinum selling albums and over 150 #TV appearances, as well as having won a Brit Award for Album of the Year. Famous fans include Keira Knightley, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and Will Smith. The trio tour constantly and take part in a vast amount of charity work, from performing for the Queen and Prince Harry at the Festival of Remembrance and the launch of the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge, to working with the ‘Sing to Beat Breast Cancer’ Choir. Other charities they have supported include Help For Heroes, The British Legion and MIND. They have fans worldwide, which has sent them on tours to the Philippines, South Korea, Barbados, Russia, and even at the White House in the US.

#Choirs who would like the chance to join #Blake on stage should send a YouTube video link of themselves performing to accompanied by a short description of their group. One choir will be chosen for each concert to join the group on stage.

Ollie sounds in particularly high spirits when we speak on the phone. He’s chuckling about an interview he had just given to a newspaper in Somerset.

“Forgive me if I sound a little bizarre and excited,” he laughs. “I’d just put the washing on and then I’m being asked all these deep questions like, ‘what does music to mean to you’ and we ended up going off in weird tangents talking about badgers and Blake 7 – it was all rather surreal!”

One of the keys to keeping their act fresh, Ollie explains, is by inviting school and community choirs to take part in their live shows.

“We thought it would be a great experience for both them and us. It’s a lovely way of involving the local community and it’s also very important to keep things different for us too. It is so much nicer to fill a stage with a choir rather than with your own ego!”

Ollie says has no ambitions of being a #soloist.

“It is a bit of a lonely life and you’ve constantly got to be on your game. That’s the lovely part of being part of a group. You can support each other- even vocally if you’re feeling under the weather which is why we have never cancelled a concert in ten years.

“And yes we do get on – we’re more like a #family than colleagues. Sorry to sound so boring but that’s probably why we’ve lasted ten years!”

Ollie adds: “I’m much more appreciative of my lot now and all the things we have achieved.”

Blake is performing at the Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne on May 4 and the Lighthouse Poole in Poole on October 28.

Article by #NickyFindley Daily Echo


ollie-2009 What a face!!! 😁🙃😍



Happy Birthday Ollie
We love you lots 🎂🍨🍸🍹🎄🎶🎁💖
God Only Knows what “we’d” be without you Ollie



We're So happy You Are Here!!!

Caption THIS photo 😉😊❓😄Geoff Burnett funny Geoff Burnett

ollie b

Beautiful beginning for the month of June

June 2016

Mmm…oh to be a straight razor 😉




Ollie having a moment with Dame Shirley Bassey

Ollie with Dame Shirley
‪#‎SoHappy‬ ‪#‎Smiles‬

Such an emotional and passionate singer 💖😊

Me and Ollie

Hello Mr.@OllieBaines
#OlliesPlace #Facebook



for Ollie's Blog

Fun 😊Behind-the-scenes of I-Supermodel video shoot!

bandicam 2016-01-18 12-01-45-068
BLAKE ‪#‎Chinese‬ ‪#‎TV‬ ‪#‎Video‬ ‪#‎Supermodel‬ ‪#‎BlakeBlog‬




Humphrey’s Crib

#HumphreyBerney performs at Holt Festival
with #JoannaForest and #JamesSherlock




Rehearsing hard for our upcoming ‘Stage & Screen’ tour… this is the jazz flute scene from Anchorman – he’s never had one lesson! 🙂 

Silly goofy balls 😀💗😊

Back in the studio today, with our newest producer Claude, recording a cover of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ – he chose the song 🙂 May 9, 2016



Award-winning British vocal group Blake are heading to The Atkinson.

Mixing eclectic classical and pop songs with rich harmony vocals, the trio launched their first album in 2007. The debut album went straight to number One in the UK Classical Album Chart and into the Top Twenty Pop Chart.

In 2008 their highly anticipated 2nd album, And So It Goes was released and went straight in at number 12 in the UK pop charts and Number 1 in several classical charts around the world.

After an unusual encounter with Kiera Knightley during the making of their first album, the band has gone on to collect a legion of celebrity fans, including Will Smith, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and even Dame Shirley Bassey, who celebrated her $1Million 70th birthday party, with the Blake boys giving a very special performance.

One-third of Blake, Humphrey Berney, says it was an honour to sing with such a musical legend.

“Meeting Dame Shirley was a dream come true for myself, Ollie and Stephen – as you can imagine.

“I don’t know how we’ll ever beat that, although we’d absolutely love to duet with Tom Jones, of course!”

Humphrey says the trio have been singing since he can remember.

“Ollie and I started singing in the choir when we were about 7.

“That was when I fell in love with singing and realised it was what I wanted to do as a career.

“Stephen has been singing just as long, although he started out with more pop type stuff.”

And what do the band listen to now?

“Absolutely everything. Well, almost.

“I think it’s important to listen to a very eclectic mix because that’s how we operate; we blend songs together, sometimes songs that you mightn’t associate with each other at all.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s trial and error. Sometimes we try a mix of two and it doesn’t work.

“I’m listening to a lot of soul and funk at the moment and, of course, Bruno Mars.”

The group has never come to Southport before, but ‘honorary Northerner’ Humphrey says he can’t wait.

“I’m a huge fan of the North and I love performing to a northern audience.

“My wife is from Lancaster, and I love the northern sense of humour.

“We love to engage with the audience as part of our shows, and audiences in the north seem a lot more willing to ‘join in’, if you like, and it makes for a much better show.”

Humphrey says despite the band’s strong appreciation for classical music, there’ll be something for all tastes at their Southport show.

“It’s about appreciating all kinds of music. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“For people who come along, it’s a night to escape ‘real life’ and just enjoy yourselves.”

And Humphrey wants to thank fans for allowing the trio to live their dream.

“We are so lucky to be great friends and love performing and travelling the world together. I love and listen to so many styles of music and it’s great to sing such a variety with Blake.

“We have so much ahead of us and I can’t wait for what lies around the corner.

“And we could not have done it without the support of our great fans.

Blake come to The Atkinson on Wednesday, May 4 at 8pm. Tickets cost £20-22 and are available online at or at the Box Office on .

Humphrey on Facebook

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Slumberland on iTunes

bandicam 2016-02-20 11-40-07-953

The Baby Show


Calling all ‪#‎Blake‬ fans!

Brit award-winning artist Humphrey Berney from chart-topping classical supergroup ‘Blake’ will be performing a collection of timeless and much-loved lullabies from his new album ‘Slumberland’ every day at our ExCeL show next month.

Perfect for your little ones bedtime routine!

What’s more, visit stand A47 and you can get a signed copy of Slumberland from Humphrey himself.


slumberland is go! 1st show so let’s see. Stand A47. Warming the vocals 4 later


The Baby Show

The Baby Show with MadeForMums, the UK’s leading parenting event for bump, baby and beyond is set to return to ExCeL London for a 14th year from 19th to 21st February. The Show will be home to over 200 exhibitors showcasing the very best baby and infant essentials. The only baby show to feature all the major retailers, alongside family favourites including iCandy, Stokke, Philips Avent and Chicco, it is a must-attend event for any new parents, friends and family members shopping for the latest products – and amazing discounts! The main stage will be boasting a fantastic line-up of speakers, including renowned nutritionist, Annabel Karmel MBE, breastfeeding expert, Clare Byam-Cook, baby sleep gurus Chireal Shallow and Fi Star-Stone and many more. Adding a twist to the line-up is Blake singer, Humphrey Berney, who will be taking to the stage to sing his collection of lullabies from the album ‘Slumberland.’

The advanced ticket price is £13.95 on Friday and £14.95 for either the Saturday or Sunday, while on-the-door tickets cost £20. Opening times: Friday 19th February: 9.30am – 5.30pm, Saturday 20th February: 9.30am – 5.30pm, Sunday 21st February: 9.30am – 5.30pm.

ExCeL, London. Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, London E16 1XL  

bandicam 2016-02-19 10-39-42-535

Humphrey is at The Baby Show this week-end ☺Stop by A47 and say Hello ♥
‪#‎Slumberland‬ ‪#‎BabtShow‬ ‪#‎Lullabies‬ ‪#‎Children‬ ‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎ShareOurLoveofBlake‬ ‪#‎Blake‬

Slumberland is a beautiful collection of timeless and much loved lullabies and songs recorded by internationally acclaimed, Brit award winning artist Humphrey Berney, member of chart topping classical super group ‘Blake’. Slumberland is Humphrey’s first solo album, which showcases his beautiful calming voice over a selection of 13 brand new interpretations of songs which pluck upon the nostalgic heart strings of new parents who will recognise tracks from their childhood and in turn delight in passing these memories on to their own children.

20685239271_06845c6965_o (2)

Music and singing have always been used by parents to sooth and calm their new born and young children. In recent years the importance of music to develop the bond between a child and parent, as well as the benefits to their development has been truly recognised. Before fame came knocking on Humphrey’s door with Blake he was a male nanny and found music to be a big key in his success in that job role!

Humphrey will be a guest speaker

The Baby Show Stage With MadeForMums  Humphrey will be on stage Feb. 19th,20th and 21st at 3:15pm

Slumberland is a stunning collection of 13 lullabies and songs by Humphrey Berney, member of Classical Brit Award winning group Blake. Presented in a stunning hand illustrated fold out case this is the perfect gift for any mother and will sooth and calm babies, children and their sometimes weary parents.

Music and singing have always been used by parents to sooth and calm their new born and young children and in recent years, the importance of music to develop the bond between a child and parent, as well as the benefits to their development has been truly recognised.

Humphrey Berney, presents his first solo album ‘Slumberland’, which showcases his beautiful, calming voice over a selection of 13 brand new interpretations of lullabies and songs.

bandicam 2015-10-08 20-59-05-953a

“My 8 year old fell in love with the CD from the very first moment she heard it, but then so did I! Humphrey’s voice has such a beautiful and moving quality about it. Like melting caramel”.  Gabby Roslin – Actress, TV and Radio presenter.

Dream Christmas

Dream Christmas

Whether you are dreaming of a white Christmas, rocking around the Christmas tree or rocking a baby towards dreamland, Humphrey Berney has a song for you, writes Rowan Mantell

He is used to fans going a little swoony as his band gives some of opera’s most beautiful tunes a boy-band twist. But for his first solo venture, Humphrey Berney of Blake wants to send his audience to sleep.

The Norfolk singer who travels the world serenading thousands of fans in concert halls, sports stadium and palaces has recorded an album of dreamy tunes, designed to soothe and calm small children.

Slumberland, inspired by Humphrey’s idyllic Norfolk childhood and by his stints as babysitter, includes Moon River, When You Wish Upon A Star and Brahms’ Lullaby.

“I have a voice that suits that type of music,” says Humphrey, who has been a member of Blake for seven years and staged command performances for celebrities ranging from royals to pop stars. It was a baby called Wilfred who first inspired Humphrey to create an album of lullabies.

“Before Blake started, my cousin gave me a job of being a babysitter for his son,” he explains. “I loved it and partly from that experience realised how much babies respond to music. When Wilfred was making a hell of a racket, music would distract him – anything from me singing a lullaby if he was a bit grumpy or tired, to AC/DC if he was awake and active!”

Humphrey’s niece and nephew, seven-year-old Sophia and five-year-old Lucas, of Hockering, near Dereham, have also helped shape the album. “They are very particular!” he laughs. “I got a full review of the album from them. Lucas’ favourite is Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Sophia liked Lullaby for a Stormy Night.”

Humphrey’s own musical career began early: “Music played a huge part in my life from the very beginning”. The youngest of three children, he too grew up in Hockering, where his mother used to sing him lullabies. He was a church chorister from the age of seven, sang with the National Youth Chamber Choir as a teenager and was awarded a music scholarship to Gresham’s School and then the Royal Academy of Music.

Slumberland has been a family affair from the start. Its dream-like pastel cover, featuring a fox on a swing in a forest, birds perched on a rainbow and a figure fishing the moon from a lake where a sailing ship rests at anchor, was designed and drawn by Humphrey’s wife Charlotte, a fashion designer for Ted Baker. Although the couple live in London they often return to Norfolk and hope to one day bring up a family of their own in the county.

But the lullabies are not just for babies. Humphrey has named his production company Thurba, for the Welsh cliffs where he enjoyed childhood holidays and where his family scattered ashes of his sister. “Everything I do musically is a reminder of Rose,” he says. She killed herself 10 years ago after battling depression, and Humphrey says: “I think part of this album was wanting to do something on my own and in memory of Rose. I remember sitting at the piano and singing Moon River with her.”

One of his own favourite songs on the album is Baby Mine from Dumbo “It’s a very sad moment in the film. I’m a bit of a soft-hearted bloke and always got a bit upset at that point!” he reveals. “It soothes babies but older children seem to really enjoy it. And I think it’s something parents will listen to when the children have gone to bed.”

Slumberland is available from


for Humphrey's Crib

Christmas with Friends

Today I finally finished unpacking and putting away toiletries/clothing from UK trip ✔ Last jumper/sweater is in the washer…the snowball one. I had SO much fun wearing I didn’t want to wash it…
but I have ‪#‎memories‬ & ‪#‎photos‬ 💖
What a difference time and friendships make 💖 😊
In 2014 I used the word terrified when I met #BLAKE. They were like, no!
In 2015 there is only ‪#‎Happiness‬ 😊
‪#‎Blake‬ ‪#‎StephenBowman‬ ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬ ‪#‎OllieBaines‬ ‪#‎UK‬ ‪#‎Concerts‬ ‪#‎Friendship‬ ‪#‎Travel‬ #Friends

post 1-122-16 for Instagram

Sherrill Klaus
Happiness is…
Meeting and hugging friends for the first time 😊
and Nothing warms the heart like a hug from an old friend 💗
I’m so glad we had this time together,
Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
There’s a time you put aside for dreamin’,
And a time for things you have to do.
The time I love the best is…
I can spend a moment here with you.
When the time comes that I’m feelin lonely,
And I’m feelin’ ohooooo – so blue,
I just sit back and think of you, only,
And the Happiness still comes through.
That’s why I’m glad we had this time together,
‘Cause it makes me feel like I belong.
Seems we just got started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say, ‘So long.’
For now!
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Carol Burnett

PicMonkey Collage edited and smaller

#‎UK‬ December 2015

It’s a new year with Blake 2016


003 Bond songwriters!!!
Harmony, not discord 😉

Dame Shirley Bassey will lend her Bond theme singing expertise to vocal trio Blake as they attempt to write a new ‪#‎Bond‬ ‪#‎theme‬.

The 79-year-old singing legend – who recorded the vocals for 1964’s ‘Goldfinger’, 1971’s ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘1979’s ‘Moonraker’ – has never written her own Bond song, but that could be about to change asStephen Bowman from the Brit-Award winning trio has revealed they going to “wrack her brains” to write one.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Dame Shirley has been in the lucky position of other people giving her fantastic Bond themes so it’s a very different thing, writing one and putting one forward. I know that Dame Shirley always says she feels very privileged to have been the only person to have the number of Bond themes that she’s sung over the years – normally people only get the one chance and there she is three times, so it’s quite unique and she certainly has a lot more knowledge about what makes a good Bond song than anyone else and we’ll be sure to wrack her brains.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Big Spender’ hitmaker will be performing with Blake as a special guest at Henley Festival next month and they plan on surprising her with a few luxurious gifts.

Stephen, 36, added: “We’ve got to know Dame Shirley very well and there are some gifts that she always appreciates – most likely we’ll pop her a really good bottle of rose ‪#‎champagne‬, possibly a little bit of ‪#‎Caviar‬ as well because she does like the finer things and quite deservedly so.”


BLAKE and ‪#‎DameShirleyBassey‬ play The Henley Festival on Saturday July 9 on The Floating Stage with the BBC Concert Orchestra
‪#‎Blake‬ ‪#‎tickets‬
The List…/81656-dame-shirley-bassey-to-help…/

📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰📰                   BLAKE – Secrets of their Success

‪#‎GrahamNorton‬ beat me to it. BLAKE Group
Yes yes, I know my place. And anyway, never one to get ahead of myself I’m choosing to view that as a signpost to success and not (honestly, truly – keep saying it) something to be envious of.
Actually, I’d had in mind a feature with vocal harmony group Blake for some time. There was the collaboration with Dame Shirley Bassey and their contention for the ‪#‎Christmas‬ number 1 spot; their chart-topping debut album which in itself earns them a spot in the annals of music history. Plus they seemed like an interesting bunch of guys – one of those groups you just know are going to have something to say that’s worth listening to. So I did the usual and dropped a line to their wonderful media agent to set up an interview.
And then do you know what? Over a beer or two in front of the telly one Friday night in December, who should troop onto Graham’s red sofa but Humphrey, Stephen and ‪#‎Ollie‬. Oh and Dame Shirley. Suddenly I’m playing second fiddle to Mr Norton and I’ll tell you what else. I’ve got two-thirds to his whole because while Ollie deemed it worthy of answering the call of the BBC – whoever they are – he felt unable to make it for me. Fine.
Seriously though, I’m okay with it. You see before I hammered out my first article for this site, my aim was to feature a guest list that wouldn’t be out of place on the prestigious couches of any of the leading chat shows. Once I’d hosted the likes of sports stars Sir Steve Redgrave and Lizzy Yarnold, internationally acclaimed authors Tess Gerritsen and Dean Koontz, and more, I began to realise I was on to something. So reverse polarity here and you’ll see what I mean about that signpost. If Graham’s entertaining their company, and so am I – well that’s not too shabby is it? Even if he did secure the full compliment..
Alright, alright I’ll get over it. Anyway Ollie’s absence aside, it’s revealing to chat to the other two thirds of Blake: ‪#‎StephenBowman‬ and ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬.

bandicam 2016-02-22 22-51-20-950
“We’ve had a pretty crazy time these last ten years,” Stephen begins when I ask about the high points of being part of a chart-topping, award-winning music act. “But my favourite moment of all was making our way up the ramp to the stage at the ‪‎Royal Albert Hall‬ to receive our ‪#‎Brit‬ ‪#‎Award‬ in 2008; it’s now in Ollie’s bathroom!”
Ollie…? Sorry, I don’t know the man.
In case you’ve been in a sealed mine shaft for the past few months, you might not have noticed ‪#‎Blake‬’s festive collaboration with ‪‎Dame Shirley Bassey‬. Appropriately and, actually, rather originally named, ‘The Christmas Song’, the single was released in support of children’s ‪#‎charity‬ Variety, an organisation #Blake has been involved with for some time now.
“We were introduced to Variety, the Children’s Charity by ‪‎Caroline Monk‬, their celebrity relations manager,” Stephen explains. “We were asked to sing for one of their ‪#‎fundraising‬ events back in 2009. That night we met the incredibly brave and positive youngsters that the charity helps. We all felt we would like to do a lot more to help Variety from that point. Since then I think we’ve sung at twenty or so events, both for fundraising and to the children directly. We will continue to help them in any way we can.”
And getting to work with Dame Shirley?
“It has been quite amazing working with Dame Shirley,” Humphrey explains. “The relationship first formed eight years ago when Blake performed at her 70th birthday. Fast forward to this summer and we met Dame Shirley at ‪Variety the childrens charity‬ 70th birthday party. We were attending as we are ‪‎ambassadors‬ and Dame Shirley was guest of honour. We had a great catch up and mentioned we were making a Christmas album. She said she had always wanted to record a Christmas album and had never done so in her 60 year career! We asked to join us on ours, she said yes and the rest is history!”

bandicam 2016-02-22 22-51-03-724
So that’s it – that’s the secret to success in the music industry. Easy eh?
Not quite, says Stephen. “Life goals are by their very nature long won, and will evolve over time. Being in the music industry requires a steady head and a thick skin, there will be false starts and setbacks aplenty, but like so many other things in life: you have to be in it to win it!”
And speaking to the band’s newest member Humphrey, it’s clear that while waiting for your ship to come in is one thing, it sure helps to build a harbour first.
“I had been working in the music business for a couple of years before Blake formed so naturally I took notice when it was announced in the press. I had been recording with ‪#‎HayleyWestenra‬ and Blake’s first producer, plus seen them perform at the rugby at ‪#‎Twickenham‬, so there were quite a few links. When the opportunity arose I contacted the group and said I would love to join. I instantly knew I would get on with the guys and musically/vocally it was a good fit so thankfully I was asked to join. It’s been a great journey.”
Speaking of musical evolution, I heard that Stephen has a layer or two of rock in his singing strata?
“It’s true that classical music wasn’t my first love. As a teenager I far preferred rock, pop and blues music, which I sang with bands and wrote in my spare time. I got into classical music quite late; the structure and grandeur of it fascinated me, but not the pompous world that surrounded it. I get the best of both worlds now, singing contemporary songs in unusual harmony arrangements, sometimes backed by full orchestra. I still record and write contemporary songs in my spare time and it may be something I return to in the future too.”
So we’ll be watching this space, even though I can’t figure out where in the schedule any of the band will find time to expand their genre. Life for such world-renowned performers is, as you might imagine, hectic.
“One day we are on tour in the UK,” Humphrey agrees, “the next recording, the next doing promo, the next flying to some far off country, the next walking along the Thames path with my dog or up in Norfolk.”
Not that he’d have it any other way.
“I love that variety. The idea of a normal day makes me feel anxious!”
In the course of my research I’ve discovered that like me, Stephen is keen on winter sports but my skiing and snowboarding skills display some margin for improvement, what with the lack of time to practise. So how on earth does he find the balance?
“We’ve always tried to get a balance between work and private time, although as performers we do tend to put career first because the window for opportunity in showbiz is limited by age, looks and energy levels! One of my favourite pastimes is riding ‪#‎motorbikes‬, which thankfully fits in with work quite well; I often ride to our UK tour shows. As for ‪#‎skiing‬, I adore it, but getting a week off can be tricky when countries overseas are trying to book us for tours and album promotion at most points in the year. Ultimately the only way to be assured of group time off is to book holidays together, at least six months ahead.”
Humphrey, too, seems to have taken the philosophical view on professional achievements versus leisure time.
“I’m now 35 and I think success changes with age. I am very happily married, I have a dog called Claude who is awesome and I sing for a living, so all is good! Achieving a balance is so important and often so hard. Financial stability is important and I have been an out of work singer so I know what it can be like. For me, success is happiness and that is different for everyone. I feel that I have achieved that at the moment. The balance is great and I am very aware as a musician/singer how fortunate I am to travel and perform in amazing places with wonderful people. Money is not success if you don’t enjoy the process of making it and you have to sacrifice too much to get it.”
So what’s the recipe for guaranteed celebrity status (yes, including an appearance on the The Graham Norton Show) as well as a happy marriage and an awesome dog?
“Be ready for a roller coaster of emotion and hard work. There will be so many opportunities to choose the easy path and that will often be appealing. If you desperately want something then fight for it (but be realistic – if you have a bad voice you probably won’t be a successful singer even though there are a few who have managed it!) My sister died ten years ago and it confirmed to me life is too short to settle for something you don’t want to do or does not make you happy.”
And to contribute my own two-pence worth: recognise that moment when there’s nothing more to add, and stop writing.

bandicam 2016-02-22 22-50-37-007
My grateful thanks to Humphrey and Stephen and also to ‪Sara French‬ of Republic Media for her assistance in arranging this ‪#‎interview‬.
You can find out more about Blake (including some chap called #Ollie who has something to do with the group) and their upcoming tours at
They can be found on ‪#‎Twitter‬ at @TheBandBlake and ‪#‎Facebook‬ at
Posted on February 22, 2016 by ‪#‎MattKruze‬

Blake-In-Harmony-Cover ⬅Click to order

Rebecca Ferguson, Blake and DJ Judge Jules will perform at this year’s British Heart Foundation’s Roll Out the Red fundraising ball on February 11.

bandicam 2016-02-04 19-26-03-213

The trio will line-up at star-studded bash at London’s Savoy Hotel on February 11 to raise money for the charity’s life-saving heart research.

Former ‘X Factor’ finalist Rebecca will headline the evening’s entertainment, followed by the classical, all-male singing quartet Blake and a performance from DUO, featuring British Opera star Emily Estelle and award-winning pianist Marina Lieberman.

International DJ Judge Jules will close the event.

Rebecca said of her headline slot: ”I’m thrilled to be performing at the Roll Out the Red ball this year and supporting the BHF’s life saving work.

”It’s fantastic to be a part of this unforgettable night as every pound raised will bring us one step closer to beating heart disease.”

Stephen Bowman, lead singer of Blake, added: ”We are absolutely delighted to be supporting Roll Out the Red and performing on the night.

”The British Heart Foundation is such a fantastic charity and we are so pleased to be helping their fight against coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer.”

The glitzy do will be hosted by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and will include a welcome speech by BHF Ambassador Pippa Middleton.

Last year’s event featured VIP guests including Pippa, Michelle Keegan and Oliver Proudlock.

Find out more info at:


‪#‎Blake‬ ‪#‎UK‬ ‪#‎Charity‬ ‪#‎FundRaising‬ ‪#‎Ball‬ ‪#‎Support‬



Interview: Blake

Published On February 3, 2016 | By Brendon Veevers | Featured Interviews, In The Spotlight, Q&A Interviews

British 3 piece vocal collective, Blake have been a busy band over the past few months. Having ended a hugely successful tour of the UK which closed off 2015, the band have also released a collection of festive covers to add to their growing catalogue. Titled A Classic Christmas, Blake have plucked the creme of the Christmas song crop to form the collection of classics, reimagined by the popular threesome and have also invited musical royalty into the record with Dame Shirley Bassey being invited to duet on the album centrepiece, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire).

With demand from fans to see the band like at an all time high, we caught up with Blake in the middle of their current tour of the UK to discuss the recently released collection and the bands impressive career to date. Here is what they had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: How are you guys?

Blake: We’re all very well thank you. We have just arrived back from China where we were filming for a TV station in Beijing which will be broadcast during the Chinese New Year. It was amazing.Wwe love traveling the world and are so lucky to get the opportunity to visit so many incredible places.

BV: The festive season may now be over but you recently released a brand new festive collection called Christmas Classics. What led you to decide to record a Christmas album?

Blake: We have always had a few Christmas favourites in our repertoire and we had spoken about it for some time – it just seemed like the right time.

BV: With so many songs regarded as Christmas classics, how did you finally decide on those that would feature on the record?


Blake: We had many meetings and discussions throughout the early part of 2015. We all had our long-lists, then our short-lists and then we rehearsed each song a few times with different ideas to see which tracks worked best with our harmonies.

BV: The record features a collaboration with Dame Shirley Bassey. How did that collaboration come about? How did you find the experience of working with the living legend?

Blake: It has been extraordinary working with Dame Shirley. The relationship first formed 8 years ago when Blake performed at her 70th birthday. This summer we were at Variety’s – the children’s charity 70th birthday party – and we were lucky enough to meet Dame Shirley again. We were attending as we are ambassadors and Dame Shirley was guest of honour. We had a great catch up and mentioned we were making a Christmas album. She said she had always wanted to record a Christmas and had never done so in her 60 year career! We asked to join us on ours, she said yes and the rest is history!

BV: What is the groups personal favourite Christmas songs?

Stephen: It’s changes all the time as with a lot of my musical taste but this year it had to be The Christmas Song.
Ollie: I always favour the Christmas classics so I would probably settle on In The Bleak Midwinter.
Humphrey: Who doesn’t love White Christmas?

BV: You have toured all over the world: are there any places that you particularly love to perform?

Blake: We all love traveling and adore the places we get to go. None of us could favour one of the other as they all have such great memories. There are many places we would still like to go though! Japan would be top of that list.

BV: What is your favourite show out of all of those you have played?

Blake: Again this is too tough to choose – although we have to say playing outdoors at the proms style concerts are enormous fun (particularly if it’s sunny!).


BV: Say you’re not recording, not touring… do you all hang out together?

Blake: We all live close to each other so from time to time we’ll get together for dinner or to throw some ideas around. We do all have our own families and friends though!

BV: What would you say your greatest musical accomplishment to date has been?

Blake: Without a doubt singing with the great Dame Shirley Bassey.

BV: What would you say has been the best part of Blake’s journey so far?

Blake: These last 12 months have been an enormous learning curve for us all. For the first time we have chosen, recorded, produced and promoted our album without the support of an outside record label and this has been the most exciting thing we have done to date. But we look forward to many more exciting projects in the future.

BV: Are there any plans in the pipelines to tour in 2016?

Blake: We have a UK tour planned this year already with more dates being booked all the time. We have already been to China, are due to go back in the Autumn and have a few other overseas concerts being negotiated now. See for more details.

BV: What else is on the Blake calendar for fans to look out for?

Blake: We have three outdoor concerts already booked in the summer, an even bigger Christmas tour for Christmas 2016 and a full tour of the UK throughout the year.

BV: Tell me something you’ve never told an interviewer before.

Blake: When Fredric Baur the inventor of Pringles passed away in 2008, his ashes were buried in a Pringles tube!

– See more at:




See it yourself…up close and personal. It is magnificent 😊
BLAKE Shows                                                     February 1, 2016

bandicam 2016-02-01 10-05-50-716

I love seeing these words…makes me ‪#‎SoHappy‬ 😊
BLAKE ‘s show at Chelmsford Theatres is ‪#‎SoldOut‬
“BLAKE @TheBandBlake
Happy to announce that our tour show this weekend at @ChelmsTheatres has now SOLD OUT, we do love a packed theatre! Bring on the craziness!”                                              The Civic Theatre January 31, 2016

Dinner and a BLAKE Show  😊
Don’t miss out on the original ‪#‎BritAward‬ winning vocal group ‪#‎BLAKE‬, back on tour in the ‪#‎UK‬ with a highly anticipated new show. Mixing pop, classical & musicals in one thrilling night, linked together with hilarious banter and beautiful video projections, this is entertainment at its finest.
Friday 29 January 2016 The Concorde Club
Doors Open 7pm
1st Set 9pm
2nd Set 10.20pm
‪#‎LIVE‬ with Blake
Brit-Award winning ‪#‎harmonisers‬

Blake at The Concorde Club 1-29-16
‪#‎StephenBowman‬ ‪#‎HumphreyBerney‬ ‪#‎OllieBaines‬ ‪#‎Concert‬

HappyNewYear photo from VIP Pledge


Happy New Year 🎉
Here’s to more fun times and friendships in 2016 💗😊
Humphrey Berney Oliver Baines Stephen Bowman
VIP PledgeMusic
Southend Theatres
Blake Passion

In Harmony with Blake

I stumbled upon Stephen in February 2013. I was so impressed by his dedication and interaction with friends on Twitter, that I joined, followed and Liked everything Stephen/Blake I could find! I bought all of their Cd’s from Amazon.UK. I was so excited when I found a link to download a song from iTunes.Uk 🙂 Which I did! But then, I couldn’t “get” back home to USA on iTunes 😦 Nothing I clicked on worked. I asked Stephen for help in getting me back home! He sent me a link and told me what to do. It worked! He got me back home ❤
I have been helping run his Official Fan Club and I am ❦Blake Passion♪♫
My dream has been to meet them, hug them, see/hear them sing Live, talk (in person) to them ❤ I'm sure there will be laughter and tears(mine) I have promised I wouldn't stop breathing…yea right 😉
Doors to my dreams are wide open! Pledge Music has provided paths to reach my Passion ❤ I have pledged with my heart (not my wallet) and I will be In the Studio and having Afternoon Tea with Blake and meeting other friends ❤ that I have met online! …and Baking with Blake if it works out…?
I am #sohappy 🙂
Let's meet in London! After seeing Stephen's video update yesterday about the In Studio experience I am SO glad I signed up for that. There are but a few places left for it…You too can make your dreams come true.

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #iTunes #oliverbaines PledgeMusic #inharmony #dreams #UK #london #studio iTunes
Thank you Cynthia ❤ and Victoria ❤
Blake ‘In Harmony’ Autumn UK Tour 2014
New dates for Blake August 5th
Beautiful words from a beautiful man August 2, 2014



What does Passion look like???
…if you’ve ever wondered what BLAKE Passion sounds and looks like…
Stop~Look~and Listen ♪♫
BLAKE – Hallelujah – LIVE in Concert 2014 Epic Studios

BLAKE singing Moon River In Harmony

#blake #thebandblake #StephenBowman #HumphreyBerney #OliverBaines #Hallelujah #MoonRiver #BlakePassion #Passion #inharmony #OfficialStephenBowmanFanClub #youtube




bandicam 2014-08-06 17-31-04-762

bandicam 2014-08-06 17-29-01-295

bandicam 2014-08-06 17-28-28-359
I L♥VE your Live videos
We love singing ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys

after Pledge baking
Who wants to spend a few hours baking a cake with Stephen, Humphrey or Ollie???
There’s still time to sign up for the singing baker men !!!
Brit-Award-winning harmony group BLAKE are soon to have a ‘Great British Blake Off’ with their friends & fans, so Stephen gives some eggcellent advice in advance, for all budding bakers! Enjoy!

Blake Radio Flash August 2014
A 3 hour window with BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go
Hope the Internet is smiling tomorrow 🙂

Listen LIVE to BLAKE and Rachelle Ann Go singing and chatting on BBC London 94.9 with DJ Gaby Roslin tomorrow – The show starts at 3pm and we’re on throughout the 3 hours. You’ll even get to hear our duet single ‘Falling Slowly’, exclusive first listen!

#blake #rachelleanngo BBC London 94.9 #gabyroslin #exclusive #fallingslowly #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #thebandblake #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress
ssafa video
Click photo for video

ssafa studio

Ssafa ponchos

Blake: Earlier we were proudly standing in the pouring rain by Tower Bridge, surrounded by the Military Wives choir, war veterans and the SSAFA military charity, singing ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’. Want to watch the official music video? Visit here:
Republic Media @Republic_Media
Looking handsome, @TheBandBlake singing for @SSAFA. The rain doesn’t stop them!
sunshine ssafa

SSAFA Choir in Potters Fields sing Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag

Blake singing in the rain for charity♥ August 10, 2014

Blake singing Pack Up Your Troubles
bandicam 2014-08-10 14-04-52-965

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-38-03-624

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-34-58-580

bandicam 2014-08-10 14-27-35-911
Thank you Gaby ♥ and ♥ Blake ♥ and Rachelle Ann Go ♥
Listen again

Blake Autumn Tour 2014
Reserve your seat now for the best show this fall♥
my ticketmaster uk review

Our biggest UK tour yet starts this September, with some awesome venues in Greater London and around the country. We’ll be performing lots of songs from our new album too, so please do support us boys and book early:

#blake #exclusive #inharmony #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #thebandblake #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #calendar
3 leaves from heaven
BLAKE #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines
#inharmony PledgeMusic #Officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #leaves #heaven
Baking with me or Blake Pledge
Bake with me or Blake ??? 😉
Just took mine out of the oven 😀

BLAKE #thebandblake #BakewithMaria #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #bake #fun #sohappy #blakettes
#inharmony PledgeMusic #Officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #heaven
Union Chapel 2

Union Chapel
See BLAKE in this magnificent venue…which is actually a working Church, an award winning venue and a centre for homeless in London.
Union Chapel – London’s Favourtie Venue 2014

*Blake: Are you a Londoner? Want to see BLAKE in their biggest London show of 2014, in a stunning 1000 seat venue? On November 22nd we will play Union Chapel, Islington. Tickets available here: *

#blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney#oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion
#swissdivawordpress #youtube #UnionChapel #homeless #help#ticketmasteruk
The boys from BLAKE recording their parts for the album. A great day working with them and a privilege to have them involved with our project for Walking With The Wounded.
You can support the project as well through the Inconnu Roll of Honour at . Show your respect for a friend or family member, past or present, and preserve their name forever. Your support will also include a free download of the album when released.
#classicall #conceptalbum #firstworldwar #ww1centenary #supportourtroups #supportthewalk #wwtw #walkingwiththewounded #charity #giving #thebandblake #blake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion

Award Winning Vocalists Blake to Perform with Rachelle Ann Go at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM …Tonight !!! 7:30pm
BRIT-Award winning vocalists BLAKE have joined the line-up of artists set to perform at THE PHILIPPINE DREAM – a one-off Gala at the Leicester Square Theatre this Sunday (17 August)2014 to raise money for abandoned and neglected orphans in Manila.

BLAKE will duet with Filipino pop star Rachelle Ann Go, who is currently appearing as Gigi in Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre. They have previously performed together in the Philippines, and have recorded a duet for BLAKE’s forthcoming studio album, In Harmony,(available here ) which will accompany their 20-date UK tour, launching in September.

THE PHILIPPINE DREAM Leicester Square Theatre Sunday 17 August 2014 7.30pm
Book tickets:
When we were last in the Philippines we had the honour of being sung to by a huge choir of orphans in Manila. Tonight we’re proud to be raising funds for these children & all their companions, with a show at the Leicester Square theatre. If you have a chance, come! Lots of big stars!

Thanks for sharing your voices and giving your time helping others♥

BLAKE: “Are you a fan of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing? Well here’s the latest ‘new 4th member’ to throw his hat into the ring, none other than Sir Anton du Beke himself. He has a superb voice!”
Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new '4th member' Anton Du Beke,
Stephen Bowman: “Great event tonight, raising funds for one of the most important charities in Manila helping street children change their lives. Joined by our new ‘4th member’ Anton Du Beke, who has a great voice!:)”
Thank you Bonnie Britain @bonnie1408 ♥ for taking these lovely photos at The The Phillippine Dream …and for letting me share them 🙂
bandicam 2014-08-18 14-50-15-327

bandicam 2014-08-18 14-51-30-677

bandicam 2014-08-18 14-49-25-072

bandicam 2014-08-18 14-56-24-713
Please do not share Bonnie’s photos without giving her credit for them.
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#twitter #photos
Car Torque …. with musical trio Blake
by Matt Westcott
Updated on 6:06pm Monday 18th August 2014 in News

BRIT-Award winners Blake – Humphrey Berney, Stephen Bowman and Oliver Baines – are back with a refined new sound, new songs and their biggest UK tour yet.

Re-inspired by the trio harmonies of The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees, The Lettermen and Boyz-II-Men, Blake’s latest concert show entitled ‘In Harmony’ sees them combining classic songs from their first four award winning albums, with exclusive new songs from their upcoming fifth album ‘In Harmony’.

The boys are appearing at the Gala Theatre in Durham on September 19.
Tickets are £20.

For more details contact the Box Office on 0300 026 6600.

For more details about the boys visit

What was your first car?
Humphrey Berney: A Mini Mayfair, above, which I kitted out to look like a Cooper, plus adding a new head. I loved that car – a legal go-kart. Cheap to run, full of character, racing seats, wheel and gear stick. Brilliant! RIP Monty.

Stephen Bowman: My first car was a white Vauxhall estate, with a diesel engine and over 185,000 miles. It cost my dad about £300 and the agreement was that once it died I could have a pretty car. The old girl refused to give in – in the end I drove it into a wall.

Oliver Baines: The first car I drove regularly was a hand-me-down Mitsubishi Shogun called Big Sid. It was nearly 18 when it came to me, so we were equals in that respect, but the poor old boy didn’t last long, and after wheezing and puffing his way along for a few more years, the head gasket finally blew outside my school gates – too much derision! He was retired on permanent loan to some friends in Scotland for farm work. I believe they paid us £50. A great way to learn about the pitfalls of old cars though!

How many times did it take to pass your test?

Humphrey: Twice. Outrageous! I failed on not entering a yellow hatched box when turning right. Second time, I had a great Scottish examiner. Monty the Mini was waiting when I finished and I drove straight to school. The girls were impressed!

Stephen: Aged 17, nothing in the world mattered more to me than passing my test, which is probably why it took me three attempts to reduce the nerves enough not to muck it up. My poor BSM instructor was pretty glad to see the back of me!

Oliver: I learned to drive at university with a man called Geoffrey who swore almost constantly. My lessons were thus highly amusing and extremely informative – alas I never recorded one of his rants. When I took my test, the examiner failed me for overtaking a lorry on the dual carriageway after the mile marker for my exit. This caused the most almighty argument between him and my instructor in the back seat, who – with multiple expletives – pointed out, that this was perfectly normal driving practice and something else about arses and elbows. Needless to say, this didn’t help.

Who would be your ideal fantasy passenger and where would you go?

Humphrey: Jenson button. I would get him to take me straight to McLaren so we could take lots of cars out on the track and get some tips. I love driving on the track. I’ve done quite a lot on motorbikes as well. Brilliant! If Jenson was not available then Stirling Moss – a true legend.
Stephen: For the perfect car journey I’d want the company of a gorgeous lady with plenty of stories to tell, so it would have to be Joanna Lumley, above. Loved her ever since watching reruns of The Avengers when I was a kid. I’d drive her to Paris and back!

Oliver: I have this fantasy that one day I will be the passenger and Humphrey or Stephen will instead drive me around the country for thousands of miles… but this is wishful thinking I fear.

What is your dream car?

Humphrey: At the moment I have it – Triumph spitfire 1500 from 1980. It makes an awesome noise – great stainless steel exhaust – and people love it. I would love an AC Cobra. What a car! I find a lot of modern cars lack any character.

Stephen: When I was 23 and made some money, I bought my dream car – a 1981 DeLorean gullwing, an icon of motoring. To this day it’s the car that makes me smile the most. A close second is the 70s Lotus Esprit – I adore the purity of its lines.

Oliver: I will – one day – get hold of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, below – 1980s one obviously, none of this new rubbish. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t need a reason for this?
How would you describe your driving style?

Humphrey: Confident but safe. Stopping distance is so important and I hate people who tail-gate – so dangerous. On a track I am aggressive, but really enjoy hitting the smooth racing lines. I hope to get my racing license soon.

Stephen: Day-to-day I actually ride a Honda sports bike as I get more of a thrill from two wheels than I do from four, plus I never get stuck in traffic. When I drive a car, I’m very cautious, especially with others inside. On the bike, it’s just me, so I have fun!

Oliver: London school of motoring. Meaning not scared to get about and use shortcuts. Actually my friends do all refer to the Ollie Baines school of motoring, but they don’t complain about getting from the West End to South West London in ten minutes.

Tell me one driving anecdote from your past?

Humphrey: We were recently invited to the Lotus test track where we drove the Exige S. An amazing car – perfectly balanced, stunningly quick and brilliant fun. I am a Norfolk boy so very proud of Lotus. The new Evora S is incredible. I borrowed one for a weekend and it really hurt when I had to give it back!
Stephen: Eight years ago I polished up my DeLorean, above, and set off for Monaco, purely to park up in the main square and enjoy a cold beer in the summer evening sun. The car made it all the way there, no problems. It got more photos than all of the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches which line up in front of the casino. It was great to upstage cars costing 20 times its price.

Oliver: We were once on tour in Denmark with a terrible rental MPV and a suicidal sat-nav. It took us up this precipice in the snow whereupon the road became impassable and I was forced to reverse for a mile-and-a-half on ice with half a wheel over the edge of this 100ft drop below. I was so concerned that it might go over the brink that I made the boys get out of the car and walk behind me with all of the luggage. To top it all off we were becoming late for a flight – the last before Christmas Day naturally – and therefore weren’t all that keen on missing it. This stress plus the cold sweat caused by the danger of the road meant that when I finally found a space to turn the car around and rejoin a main road, I completely forgot to drive on the right. I realised my mistake almost immediately when we saw the lights of an articulated lorry approaching on our side. I turned the wheel calmly to the right, hoping the boys hadn’t noticed my mistake. Nothing happened. I turned harder, still nothing. With a jolt I realised our wheels were stuck like a tram in the 10ins deep ice tracks caused by one of these same vast trucks currently bearing down on us at 60 mph. With a huge effort I yanked the wheel hard over and we bounced out of the ruts into a power slide to the opposite carriageway just as this behemoth thundered by, horn blasting, but apparently unaccustomed to using brakes of any kind. We made our plane. Just.

What are you listening to?

Humphrey: It depends. In my Triumph then nothing apart from the awesome exhaust note. In the Volvo a whole mix. Classical music works on a long journey and we travel a lot so it helps keep you relaxed.

Stephen: I’m a big fan of La Roux, below and have been waiting patiently for her follow-up album for quite some time. The first single off that album is called “Let Me Down Gently” and has become my 2014 ultimate driving anthem, it’s practically on repeat!

Oliver: All sorts, but a lot of Radio 4 to be honest, and old podcasts of Alistair Cooke’s ‘Letter From America’ are a current favourite.
What do you drive now?

Humphrey: My Triumph and also a boring Volvo V40 – not very exciting, but perfect for London as I don’t mind when it’s scratched and bumped. You must have off-street parking if you have a nice car otherwise they get bumped, scratched or stolen! My Triumph is tucked away and the Volvo is not!

Stephen: I’m currently riding/driving a 2014 Honda CBR-600-F, which is basically a mixture of a sports bike and a touring bike. With me on top it has a power-to-weight ratio that shames many supercars, so I’m generally first off the lights, with a big smile!
Oliver: I drive a 1970s MGB roadster, above, which I bought for peanuts when we first signed a record deal. I’ve restored it to its current state of beauty over seven years, and it is a total money pit! But I love every nut and bolt.
Blake In harmony Dreamcatcher
Weave your own BLAKE DreamCatcher

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virtual banner final
Join us for a Virtual Blake In Harmony Show!!!
Blake Autumn Tour 2014 Virtual Flyer used for event
What an honor and a pleasure it is helping ♥guys make their dreams come true♥
Stephen Bowman·
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:
Blake· Would you like to have YOUR name immortalised in our CD sleeve for the new album, or the name of someone you love? You can! Just click the below link and scroll down to pick “Your name in the credits” –

Fly on the wall
Wouldn’t you have loved to be a fly on the wall when guys were recording this? I’m not sure but I think studios are kept very cool because of equipment…add them singing and we would simultaneously have goosebumps and hot flashes
YOU can be there whilst they are recording…
There are a few spaces left for their ‘In The Studio’ experience on PledgeMusic

Blake: Hope you like this little teaser video of ‘Wicked Game’, off the upcoming album ‘In Harmony’ from BLAKE.

It’s available to order on Amazon.

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#goosebumps #tears #hotflashes

cd cover track list his

………………..♪♫ Sung with Passion In Harmony ♪♫………………………
Check this out, the full track listing for our new album, the official cover image and photos from whilst we were making it! Please please help us by ordering it asap, here:

Stephen Bowman
After 2 years of planning, 7 months of repertoire deliberation, 3 months of ‘discussions’ and 2 months of studio recording, our new BLAKE album is almost ready! PLEASE don’t wait for it to hit the shops, please pre-order a copy or two from Amazon today, here:

Blake Passion
Pre-ordering In Harmony album from Amazon UK helps BLAKE in the UK Charts The more pre-orders = higher chart position for guys when album is released

Pledging for In Harmony you can choose limited signed editions or not signed. Plus there are several marvelous experiences; YOUR name in the credits inside CD…be in the studio with guys…Bake a Cake with Blake…Backstage VIP M&G…Sing with Blake onstage and lots of cool stuff you can get; signed photos…signed calendar…receive a personal greeting card from guys…personal video performance…available for a short time!!!

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Blake article supporting collage
Going to a concert /show is more than just buying a ticket to see someone sing/perform. Your ‘ticket’ means you are supporting the arts, artist, musicians, crew, venue, employees and local communities which include local choirs. BLAKE gives local choirs the opportunity to perform on stage with them! These choirs are children, young adults, or mature adults who enjoy singing and who work very hard learning the art of singing. The choirs who perform with Blake need to learn several songs so they can sing ‘with the band’.
This means lots of rehearsals … and lots of fun singing with and meeting Blake!!!
Sadly, this article shows what lack of support can do; Theatres Trust lists 33 historic theatres ‘at risk’
By Ian Youngs
Arts reporter, BBC News
So…Please support your local theatres!
Please continue supporting Blake and your local choirs
Ticketmaster United Kingdom
In Harmony on Amazon UK

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Blake In Harmony Halleujah NYC Jan. 2014 screenshot
Get through your mid-week work blues and spend one, two or three evenings with the three guys of BLAKE and then close the week-end treating yourself to a lovely Sunday evening with Blake
BLAKE bring their new In Harmony Autumn Tour to;
Wycombe Swan Theatre Tuesday, September 23 at 7:30pm
Fairfield Halls Wednesday, September 24 at 7:30pm
Venue Cymru Thursday, September 25 , at 7:30pm
The Octagon Theatre Sunday, September 28 at 7:30pm
Brit-Award winning singers whose stunning harmonies and original fun banter have been entertaining audiences around the world.
Blake Events

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This is what happens when WE don't do as they ask
Heeelp me 😉 😛 🙂
Click and buy BLAKE ♪♫ In Harmony♪♫
Amazon UKUK

Stephen Bowman Humphrey Blake
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Union Chapel
Blake Passion
I am going to my first BLAKE concert at Union Chapel
Wicked Game horses
A 2 minute clip from our cover of ‘Wicked Game’ from our new album ‘In Harmony’ –
if you enjoy it, please order your copy on Amazon here:
A little surprise for our fans in South Korea, since +TheBandBlake travel there this December for a concert tour! Quite tricky for three English guys, here is the South Korean national anthem, harmonised!
Ahead of their debut concert tour trip to South Korea in December 2014, Brit-Award winning harmony group BLAKE try their best to sing the South Korean national anthem. Many apologies for the terrible pronunciation, it will improve!

#thebandblake #southkorea #nationalanthem 
Final Day of Pledging
Blake Passion
It’s almost over…hours are dwindling away………………………………
Great news for everyone who ordered the new album on Pledge!
Good afternoon,
We have a very special surprise for everyone who pledged to receive BLAKE’s upcoming album ‘In Harmony’. Although we have moved the official release date of the new album to November 3rd, we are actually going to send all of our amazing pledgers their copies of the album on October 12th, nearly 3 weeks early! We will be officially bringing the Pledge campaign to a close on October 6th, so if you have any very last minute items you would also like to get hold of (you can still pledge to ‘Bake with Blake’!) now is the time! Thank you so much for all your fantastic support during the fundraising and making of our 5th album, we hope that you will have as much fun listening to it as we did making it over the last 6 months. With warm thanks to everyone, Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie
For last minute pledges, go to:

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Published on Oct 6, 2014
All For One choir members from Leeds, Bradford, Hull, Beverley, Lincoln and Scunthorpe choirs. the members joined forces to sing with Blake following the band seeing clips of the choir on you Tube. we had a wonderful time. What a great experience for our members, for many this was their first ever

All For One Choir loves me ♥

All For One Choir shared a link.
Just some of the highlights from our appearance with BLAKE. Thank You to Blake, we had the time of our lives. We now also have Blake Passion Until next time, have a great tour. If you haven’t seen them yet, you are missing a treat.

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Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
You know how it is when you have waited and waited and waited for something … then one day you wake up and there it is. The finished project. #InHarmony. You can’t help but feel a twinge of trepidation …what if there is something I do not like? You have conjured up so many ideas, thoughts, hopes and???
You click the download link and wait. You click play … and then, as you listen to each new song, a sense of ‘calmness’ comes over you, filling you with Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie’s beautiful, exciting, pure ‘In Harmony’ voices
I love it ♥ Blake has made us the perfect album.
This is ♥BLAKE♥♥

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The Prayer duet
Blake Passion
The Prayer is such a beautiful and powerful song that
Rebecca Newman and BLAKE included their duet on new albums;
♥Dare To Dream and In Harmony♥
BBCRadio2 played it on air…have a listen

Get yours here:
Two Must-Have albums!!

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Countdown to my first Blake concert

Blake Passion
Great, funny chat with guys 🙂
I LOVE ♥Forever♥

Interview with the Blake on 93.7 Express FM before their National tour
Darren Gamblen (@dazzlergamblen )
10/16/14, 11:21 AM
Great interview with @TheBandBlake …hope you enjoy :))

#interview #perfection #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #venues #autumn #tour #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #london #forever
Dream A Little Dream and an Awe-some-ness-ly long chat with guys
Voice of Russia UK
My Pledge to Blake
photo strip
Blake Passion shared Stephen Bowman’s status.
What a distinguished honor The Alan Titchmarsh Show has bestowed upon ♥ BLAKE ♥
Show with Blake airs on Thursday, 30th at 3pm. #ITV They’ll be singing ‘Fields of Gold’ and chatting to Alan about upcoming finale concert of 2014 at Union Chapel in London on November 22nd!
“8 years ago we BLAKE boys started our tv singing career on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh show – today we were honoured to be final music act of the final series. Alan is a rare gentleman in showbiz, we’ll miss his show greatly!”
Ladies and gentleman, an exclusive first view of our upcoming album cover! Just 5 weeks till release
Blake – In Harmony album review

Posted on November 2, 2014 By Carys Jones

Record Company: Absolute via Universal/Music Infinity.

Release Date: November 3, 2014
1. You Needed Me
2. Love Me Tender
3. To Love Somebody
4. Wicked Game
5. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
6. Fields of Gold
7. Forever
8. You Raise Me Up, with Camilla Kerslake and The Sing To Beat Breast Cancer Choir
9. Say That You Love Me
10. Falling Slowly, with Rachelle Ann Go
11. The Prayer, with Rebecca Newman
12. The Right Words
13. Waiting
14. Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)

We love Blake and are pleased that they’ve got a shiny new album for us to listen to. Blake always make us feel happy, in that Notting Hill meets Love Actually kind of way, there’s something warm and comforting about them and there’s something of a rom-com vibe about them. They give out the vibe that romantic, English gentlemen are ten a penny and they make your day all that bit more joyful. We had a glimpse of them performing some of the songs on this album live at the Mandarin Oriental last week and it made us look forward to hearing their latest album.

This is their first album release as a three piece band, following Jules Knight’s departure to pursue his acting career. We are pleased that this has not affected how they sound at all and their slick harmonies remain intact and slick, with their voices seeming to have matured even further. Perhaps they felt as if they had to work harder to make a three piece work, but whatever their magic formula is, they have sprinkled is all over the album, which is glossy and lovely.

There are a generous fourteen songs on the album, featuring some interesting cover choices and seeing several guest singers, which adds a lot of variety. Blake sound fantastic from the off, with You Needed Me showing their classically trained voices to perfection. Love Me Tender is an interesting choice, they give the song a romantic and slow ballad feel, we’re still picturing Humphrey singing this with a quivering lip, but we’re not sure they will add Elvis’ moves to their live performances! Wicked Game is genuinely passionate and they sound fantastic on the track, which is a perfect choice of song for them. They give Sting’s Fields of Gold their own spin, giving it a bit of polish and it’s one of those raise your lighters in the air moments and sway along, hug your loved one type of track.

Song after song, this album generates warmth and we love how different is it yet again to their previous album releases. The different female voices heard on the album give this album something new. You Raise Me Up features the angelic voice of Camilla Kerslake, along with the voices of The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir and altogether, it’s a stunning song and their voices are all so powerful, they sound as if they are battling against each other for airspace, but each blending together so well, it’s a very powerful combination and we love it. Falling Slowly featuring Rachelle Ann Go is a strong love duet, sounding like something out of a Disney movie, if it were on screen, we could imagine the song covered in glitter, with the Princess dashing out to find her Prince Charming. The Prayer featuring Rebecca Newman has many twists and turns, starting out in English, before we heard their classically trained and operatic moments coming out to the fore. Rebecca’s voice hits so many beautiful notes that only certain soprano’s can carry off and again, this is stunning to listen to.

The Right Words has strong instrumental growth and Blake’s harmonies hit the strings at the precise moment required, showing their musicality and their strength as such accurate singers. Waiting is very deep in sound and sounds a bit like some of the songs from Blake’s earlier albums, it’s a very romantic sound. To add to their charm and distinct gentlemen style, they close off the album with Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel). This song has a lot of tender moments and it’s a bit of a weepy, as it’s quite emotional and hits you in the heart.

In Harmony is another sterling effort from Blake, classy, beautiful and hearing their talent plastered across another album in a world of auto-tune and certain people selling records with the help of controversy, or because of which celebrity they’re stepping or hanging out with, hearing this album is a joy to the ears! Now, where did we put the remote, time to switch on a rom-com and get cosy, or maybe we’ll just hit play on the album and sit here and listen to it all over again, feeling all that bit more happier inside.


Blake, Camilla Kerslake, In Harmony, Rachelle Ann Go, Rebecca Newman, The Sing to Beat Breast Cancer Choir
– See more at:
Ladies and gentleman ✨Continuing Congratulations & Success 😊❤️
♥Continuing Congratulations & Success …
BLAKE 11/6/14
With unexpected joy our newest album #InHarmony has officially entered the top 100 chart in the UK! Got your copy?

#elfies 2014

Blake Passion
My Amazon review for #InHarmony
Blake’s fifth studio album is their first as a trio. Finding ‘The Right Words’ can be difficult sometimes when trying to say why you love something. However, I have been ‘Waiting’ and anticipating Blake’s new album “In Harmony” for …
what seems like ‘Forever’ !!! Which is my favorite song on album. ‘Forever’ starts off with a soft, smooth melody flowing gently….then the chorus comes in like a whirlwind! Their voices all singing as one … but are really layers upon layers of their beautiful voices dovetailing In Harmony.
You can hear and feel their heart, soul and passion in each song.
‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman, ‘You Raise Me Up’ with Camilla Kerslake and ‘Falling Slowly’ with Rachelle Ann Go just adds another dimension to their singing talents.
This is an album, simply superb. I have not had it long, yet I will be listening to In Harmony ‘Forever’
I have bought several copies to “Share it Forward” and for singing gifts. There is a song for everyone on this album!

Blake Passion
♥You and your music fill our hearts♥♥
…The New BLAKE CD is out!
Order your copy of #InHarmony today…
Your fine taste in music and kind support for BLAKE mean a great deal to us!
We are delighted to announce the brand new BLAKE album ‘In Harmony’ has been released this week! Available from iTunes Amazon UK and in #HMV highstreet stores. The album has already made it into the Top 100 album chart this week, after a number of TV & radio appearances including last week’s The Alan Titchmarsh Show performance of ‘Fields of Gold’ (you can watch it by clicking here:
If you would like to receive a copy of the album, or even a couple of CD’s for #Christmas presents, we recommend ordering on Amazon. Simply click the link below to order your copy:
Having listened to what their fans enjoyed most about their previous 4 albums, the BLAKE boys created this 14 song collection over 2 years whilst touring the world as a trio. The repertoire collection is their most eclectic yet but draws directly on the classical, musical and popular harmony singing roots which they’re so known for. Alongside their voices are a mixture of full orchestra, string sections, world class guitarists, pianists and 3 guest duet partners, including Miss Saigon’s Rachelle Ann Go, Brit Award nominee Camilla Kerslake and Classical No.1 Rebecca Newman. The producer of this album was none other than Andrew Powell, the producer of Kate Bush’s iconic albums and more recently the bestselling #ILDIVO albums.
Thank you again for your support for BLAKE. The boys are an independent band on their own record label, without the help of a major record corporation or a #SimonCowell, so every CD purchased and every live concert ticket obtained, makes a massive difference to their continued career as artists. They really value your support and really hope you enjoy this album.
If you would like to see the boys live in concert, in London, before the end of the year, they will be giving their big finale concert at Union Chapel in Islington, on November 22nd at 7:30pm. Tickets are available via this link –
It’s going to be a big night! Hope to see lots of you there!
With warm thanks,
The BLAKE team…

I can not wait to see YOU, #Blake there!!!

#thebandblake #sharingishappiness #SoHappy
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Thank you Veteran’s
Bring Him Home by BLAKE

BBCRadio2 Chorister of Year 2014 air date Nov 13 for video
St Paul’s Cathedral Taped Oct 31, 2014
BBC Radio2
Blake and Rebecca sing ‘Amazing Grace’
Blake sings ‘Fields of Gold’ from their newly released album, In Harmony. available from AmazonUK
Blake and choristers sing ‘ Make Me Your Channel of Peace
For those of you who missed us singing ‘The Prayer’ with Rebecca Newman on BBC1 earlier, here is the clip. Songs of Praise TV
If you enjoy it, please do share it and remember the song is on our new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:

Stephen Bowman·
Please share this video with all your friends for me, it’s our first major BBC1 tv performance as a trio and I’m really rather proud of it; well done Rebecca too!

Published on Nov 16, 2014
BRIT-award winning trio BLAKE appear on BBC Songs of Praise with soprano Rebecca Newman to sing The Prayer, as featured on their new album ‘In Harmony’ available here:
as natural as God intended
Blake Passion
…as natural as God intended ♪♫
BLAKE #InHarmony

#MerryChristmas #Giving #shopping #gifts #presents #lights #blake #thebandblake #stephenbowman #humphreyberney #oliverbaines #officialstephenbowmanfanclub #blakepassion #swissdivawordpress #album #BritAward #events #singers #classical #musical #pop #acapella #adultcomtemporary #Sharingiscaring #Happiness #Music

First day in Seoul, Korea and we attended an official ceremony making BLAKE ambassadors for the Korean charity KAT which helps thousands of disabled people into fully paid work in agriculture. We sang the Korean national anthem acapella in 3 part harmony which went down well!

Let's Do It Again & More in 2014 … Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie

BP Twitter thank you 2013-2014from Say That You Love Me videoQuick Links !!!

Blake FB Page

BLAKE   @TheBandBlake on Twitter  @StephenBowman, @humphreyberney &  @OllieBaines on Twitter

Blake on Instagram

Stephen Bowman Page

Stephen Bowman Group   @SBowmanFanClub on Twitter

Blake Passion Page

Blake Passion Group   @BlakePassion on Twitter


Blake has recorded “The Prayer” with Rebecca Newman…. to be released on her new CD “Dare To Dream” very soon 🙂  Live orchestra with original songs and some lovely arias 🙂

Hoping for a March/April release!!! There will be a hard CD, a Special Edition double disc version with a DVD and will be available on iTunes.

In 2013, Rebecca has sung with Aled Jones, Russell Watson, recorded with Blake and Mary-Jess (for collborations on the album), performed the national anthems live on TV for three Rugby League World Cup Matches and achieved an internet hit with her Christmas single, which received over 100,000 hits.

Just to let you know, there will be different versions of this album available: Standard CD album, Special Edition double-disc album with a special DVD, iTunes standard, iTunes special edition. Plus other download sites too. Full info available nearer the time. I’m aiming for 1,000 pre-orders before the release week, at which point there will be more marketing with TV, radio, press etc, but the pre-orders will be what creates the base from which to work  x

@TheBandBlake #ThePrayer #DareToDream2014

Spent the day recording with @TheBandBlake & what a great bunch of guys they are! See you all again soon!

Getting to know Rebecca ♥

Thanks for voting – did you know I’m releasing an album with FULL ORCHESTRA soon??

Posted on January 02, 2014 5 Comments

Hi everyone

Thanks for voting for me and getting me started on this journey.. Did you have a listen? 🙂

In case you’re not familiar with me, I’m a soprano from the UK with a new album out soon called Dare to Dream, featuring the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by the world renowned Paul Bateman. It feautres some well known covers (operatic arias, musiclas, folk, film etc) and also some brand new, original music, some of which is written by me!

Things are very exciting at the moment and I’m looking forward to releasing the album in the spring, which will be my first chart eligible release (specifically, it also qualifies for the official classical charts). I have sold over 15,000 albums so far, not bad for an indie, and in the process raised over £11,000 for charity.

If you’re interested, please find out more about me at: (over 7,300 facebook likes)

I hope you and your friends will enjoy listening to my music and would like to be part of my exciting journey.

Lots of love and happy new year!

Rebecca Newman xxx


BLAKE and Justine Balmer recorded Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ Pledge now to get It !!!! 
If you want to hear their duet … pre-order album

Had an awesome time in the recording studio today with Justine Balmer, singing a very cool harmony duet of 'Fix You' by Coldplay. Her album is out later this year, one to watch!

Very fun day today, recording studio session with classical crossover singer Justine Balmer, creating a Blake harmony duet of 'Fix You' by Coldplay, LOVE THIS SONG!!!

*The Prayer* will be on Rebecca’s CD & *Fix You* will be on Justine’s CD 🙂

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  • We like a little collaboration with other artists, interesting to mix unique voices together. Here’s us with Justine Balmer, on ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, with some new harmonies 😉
    Justine Balmer & TheBandBlake – Fix You by 


OPM classics soar in Blake’s significant new album



It was such a treat to see Ryzza Mae Dizon work her way out of what she described as “nosebleed” moments when the Brit Award-winning vocal trio, Blake, graced the precocious tyke’s GMA 7 morning show six days before Christmas—a visit that marked the UK crossover-pop group’s fifth trip to the Philippines.

The dashing threesome made up of tenors Ollie Baines and Humphrey Berney and baritone Stephen Bowman didn’t just get instant Tagalog tutorials from Ryzza, they also sang Alon’s videoke staple, “Pusong Bato,” with her! (Former member Jules Knight, who made show biz headlines when he “went out” with KC Concepcion two years ago, has since left the group to pursue an acting career via the medical drama series, “Holby City.”)

Blake’s recent visit was particularly eventful, because they were here to promote their latest recording, “The OPM Album,” a six-track collection that is significant because, like David Archuleta’s hefty “Forevermore” compilation, it isn’t everyday that we hear foreign acts covering Pinoy tunes—it’s almost always the other way around!

If Archuleta chose to do away with vocal acrobatics in his spare but pristine remake of Louie Ocampo’s “You Are My Song,” first popularized by the show-stopping versions of Martin Nievera and Regine Velasquez, Blake retools the well-loved ballad with opulent harmonies, gracefully complimented by the flawless vocals of “Miss Saigon”-bound Rachelle Ann Go.

Zippy revival


The hard work of learning Tagalog lyrics phonetically is evident in the zippy Hotdog revival, “Manila” (they studied Filipino in London for two months), while Ogie Alcasid’s “Kailangan Kita” (with Filipina West End star, Joanna Ampil) showcases the complementary strengths of their powerful voices—from Berney’s operatic tremolando to Baines’ pop-like trills and Bowman’s low, masculine timber. But, there are distracting, awkward stresses in “Sa Isip Ko.”

As expected, Blake oozes with confidence in English-language tracks, like Ric Segreto’s “Don’t Know What To Do (Don’t Know What To Say)” and Basil Valdez’s gorgeously rendered “Say That You Love Me,” which is more dramatic and voice-appropriate for Stephen’s sumptuous baritone!

What do the boys find appealing about recording Filipino tunes? Humphrey explains, “Singing the love songs of a very romantic nation is wonderful! The lyrics are deeply emotional, which we naturally connect with as performers.”

The OPM recording couldn’t have come at a better time: “Everytime we visit the Philippines, we continue to be touched by everyone’s warmth and kindness,” shares Baines. “We dedicate this album to those affected by the super typhoon, praying that our songs bring them some happiness and hope!”

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Vocal trio Blake return to the region with their Live In Concert tour for 2014.

The singers’ harmonies and rat pack banter has earned them a fan base around the world and they will be bringing their sound to South Shields on March 30.

As well as classic songs from their three previous chart-topping and award-winning albums, Blake are looking forward to performing songs from their latest album Start Over.

In November Blake announced their partnership with UK charity Walking With The Wounded, starting with the launch of a charity single. The song, To The Sun, has been adopted by Walking With The Wounded as its official anthem.

“To be working with Walking With The Wounded and have our song as their official anthem is a great honour” says Humphrey Berney.

“To be able to help raise awareness and funds through our music and involvement with Walking With The Wounded is very special and rewarding.

Blake’s most recent album Start Over, is a collection of contemporary harmony pop featuring original songs and a few covers, including Paul McCartney’s Beautiful Night and Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love.

Having formed in 2007, recording and performing as a classical group, Start Over is Blake’s first pop album and sees them embracing the new challenge.

Blake play Customs House, South Shields, on March 30. For tickets, Tel. 454 1234.


Sherrill Klaus    So Happy & proud of you7 years together…let the journey continue with twists and turns along a smooth and winding road………..
This year we celebrate SEVEN YEARS of singing together, all over the world and for the best fans a group could ever ask for! Here is a little video to remember the many good times we’ve enjoyed, we’d love everyone to share this far and wide, thanks guys! BLAKEStephen  January 9, 2014
Hard to believe it, but today our band BLAKE celebrates 7 years, 600 shows & a Brit Award! Do enjoy our short (& fun!) celebratory video. Get sharing! X — with Anton San Diego and 5 others. 
bandicam 2014-01-08 19-58-53-318
So Happy & proud of you ❤ 7 years together…………………….
7 years make us a Blake
bandicam 2014-01-05 23-36-51-185
…upon their return to the USA, let’s look back at their
“US TV debut on TODAY Show!” April 27, 2011
Blake Shines on London’s Trafalgar Square 
We are extremely pleased to announce that BLAKE made their US television debut this morning on the TODAY Show. We were LIVE in Trafalgar Square for the NBC‘s Royal Wedding coverage. Being interviewed by Meredith Vieira was truly an honor. Click here for a very special LIVE performance of our new single, All Of Me. Thank you to everyone involved, we feel blessed to have this opportunity.


BLAKE to join Woody Allen at Carlyle Café, New York – BLAKE…

Jan 4, 2014 – BRIT-Award winning vocal trio BLAKE are delighted to have been invited to join Woody Allen at the prestigious Carlyle Café in New York this 

BLAKE to join Woody Allen at Carlyle Café, New York

BRIT-Award winning vocal trio BLAKE are delighted to have been invited to join Woody Allen at the prestigious Carlyle Café in New York this month, to give a 75 minute show in front of a select audience of music lovers and VIP’s.The last time that Woody Allen played at the Carlyle Café was in 2007, so there has been a great amount of anticipation for this special evening. BLAKE will be singing many of their popular vocal harmony hits, during their first live show in New York since 2010 when they sang for 1500 at Cipriani 42nd Street. Woody Allen will be performing at 8:45pm, followed by BLAKE at 10:45pm. The trio will also be performing the night before at New World Stages, near Times Square for the APAP international artists festival. The group have recently given live shows in Naples, Miami and LA, they look forward to adding new tour dates for the USA in the coming year, a country with a rich understand and love for harmony singing. A career highpoint for the group in America, was performing live on NBC’s Today Show during the Royal Wedding, introduced by Meredith Vieira before they sang ‘All of Me’, their anthem for the Royal couple.

For more detail on the Carlyle Café shows, visit their official website here:

Big bite of NY


… in just a few days Blake will be singing in the USA…following Woody Allen at the ‘Cafe Carlyle’ on Monday,January 13th! 10:45pm Do SHARE

Blake will be in New York, USA January 13th 
See Blake perform live at New York’s finest cabaret club.

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  • Our band BLAKE have just been booked to follow Woody Allen and his jazz band, this January 13th, at Cafe Carlyle in New York… an incredible honour for we three boys! If you’d like to come and watch our 70 minute show at 10:45pm, details are on the link below. More USA shows will follow later this year. Yay USA!!!!
    • My band BLAKE have just been booked to follow Woody Allen and his jazz band, this January 13th, at Cafe Carlyle in New York… an incredible honour for us boys! If you’d like to come and watch our 70 minute show, details are on the link below. More USA shows will follow later this year.
      bandicam 2014-01-04 11-07-46-796

      arriving collage

      We’ve arrived in a wet, grey and misty New York City, getting to know the locals and searching for a place to eat dinner? Any recommendations? Tell us:)
      January 11, 2014
      SO HAPPY is in MY time zone 🙂
      Blake Menu Cafe Carlyle Final
      Tomorrow nights special at the Café Carlyle
       ♥Blake Heavenly Delight
      Composed of 3 keys ♪ ♫ Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie harmonized perfectly together…
      Burgers in NY
      What’s a couple of burgers ? 😉
      bandicam 2014-01-13 17-50-35-163

      Video of a special night at The Carlyle in New York, where both Woody Allen and BLAKE give shows on the same stage, and Woody even sings!!! Share!
      Come back soon and anytime ♥♥♥
      Stephen Bowman
      Stephen Bowman

      January 14,2014  Had a great show at The Carlyle last night in New York, we’ve been invited to come back and sing again! Today we visited the Saturday Night Live studios at NBC, with our friend PJ 🙂

      Stephen Bowma
      Strolling down Madison Avenue in a wet rainy New York, seriously excited at the prospect of spending a lot more time visiting this city from now on! 

      Strolling down Madison Avenue in a wet rainy New York, seriously excited at the prospect of spending a lot more time visiting this city from now on!

      Victoria Zonner Here’s a Wednesday selfie from our very own SB after his morning workout. Looking good! Do you all agree?
      Here's a Wednesday selfie from our very own SB after his morning workout. Looking good! Do you all agree
      TweetLunch with Stephen, Humphrey & PJ ...
      TweetLunch with Stephen Bowman  Humphrey Blake  & PJ …
      Enjoying lunch at the famous Barney’s in New York, with our Filipino friend and stylist to the stars PJ, lovely day!
      Stephen Bowman ‏♥
      How did I forget to post this?!? Here’s @humphreyberney trying on the latest Virtual Reality headset in NY. Arnie??
      Whilst @humphreyberney was partying in NYC, I sneaked this cute bird with long legs into his hotel room:) #funontour
      bandicam 2014-01-14 15-27-38-049 bandicam 2014-01-14 15-27-56-530 bandicam 2014-01-14 15-28-16-073
      Vocal trio Blake prepare to hit Llanelli’s Ffwrnes as part of Live In Concert tour
      By Llanelli Star  |  Posted: January 15, 2014VOCAL trio Blake are preparing to hit Llanelli’s Ffwrnes theatre as they return with their Live In Concert tour for 2014.
      Blake will provide an evening of music and entertainment and promise to deliver stunning harmonies and rat-pack banter, which have been entertaining audiences around the world.
      Speaking to the Star, group member Stephen Bowman said: “We had a big tour there last year and had a little bit of time off over the last two of three months.
      “We travelled overseas in Asia, America and Russia and it’s nice now we are back in the UK.
      “It will be the first time we have performed in Llanelli, we have been to Wales before and have had the chance to perform at great venues like St David’s Hall in Cardiff but for no particular reason we have not been back in Wales for a while.
      “We will be staying the night in Llanelli. After the show we will be going out for a few drinks and it will be nice to meet the people who have come to see us for sure.”
      As well as performing classic songs from their three previous chart-topping and award-winning albums, they are looking forward to performing songs from their latest album Start Over.
      It is a collection of contemporary harmony pop featuring original songs and a few carefully selected covers, including Paul McCartney’s Beautiful Night and Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love.
      Having formed in 2007, recording and performing as a classical group, Start Over is Blake’s first pop album and sees them embracing the challenge.
      Inspired by vocalists such as the Bee Gees, Boyz II Men and The Beach Boys, their live set list has expanded to include more and more contemporary material.
      The group discovered that the strength of their vocal arrangements and four part harmonies allowed them to interpret a widening range of songs.
      The reaction from audiences has reinforced their belief that they were creating something special.
      “As I understand the venue (Ffwrnes) is nearly sold out — probably because we have not been in Wales for a while,” Stephen added.
      “The support is overwhelming and we are looking forward to coming and entertaining everyone.”
      The trio perform at Ffwrnes on Saturday, February 1 at 7.30pm.Read more: Victoria <3*************************************bandicam 2014-01-14 14-53-29-273

      Blake: Mabuhay, hello and welcome! Fancy a challenge? We’ve never seen this site before, but it looks like fun. Every artist gets their own page, on which you can leave votes, the more votes we get the higher up the ranking we go. Reach the top and the artist is given $10,000 towards their next album. We’re making album No.5 this year, so this would be handy for us! So, up for a challenge?

      ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. We give the Top Artist at the end of the month $10,000. This allows listeners to propel talented artists to the top of our platform and gives artists an entirely new avenue to grow their fan base.

      Another $5,000 is split between all remaining artists based on the amount of votes they receive during the month (excluding the #1 artist). Voters can earn rewards directly from artists just by voting!


      I need sharing, passions and silliness ♥ 🙂

      Stephen sharing his life, loves and passions….

      Yep, it's just a silly picture of some blue sky above the trees in my garden, but you have no idea how happy & positive it makes me feel

      Yep, it’s just a silly picture of some blue sky above the trees in my garden, but you have no idea how happy & positive it makes me feel 🙂

      Totally appreciate this may only appeal to music geeks like me, but here's my slim-lined Pro Tools studio setup for home, working like a dream!

      Totally appreciate this may only appeal to music geeks like me, but here’s my slim-lined Pro Tools studio setup for home, working like a dream!

      tonight, finally getting to grips with my new home studio setup! Been learning Pro Tools 10, loving it!


      Over my 7 years singing with BLAKE I’ve had dozens of unusual, touching and occasionally baffling gifts from supporters around the world;

      here are just a few of my favourites, reckon you can guess where each one came from? (The gold disc was from Universal Records, my first present…)

      Blake: As singers we get some pretty imaginative, unusual and beautiful presents from our supporters around the world; here are just a few that Stephen collected last year! If you were to send us a fun little gift, what would it be and why??? Get sharing 🙂

      Sherrill Klaus/Blake Passion, I would give you a viral video for your BLAKE ~Seven Years of Singing~2014~The Story So Far … because I love you ♥

      Amazing collection of just a few of the presents kind BLAKE fans have given me in the last few years, from the beautiful to the bizarre, all brilliant! Can you spot where in the world each came from

      Amazing collection of just a few of the presents kind BLAKE fans have given me in the last few years, from the beautiful to the bizarre, all brilliant! Can you spot where in the world each came from?


      First UK tour show of the year, in the BLAKE-bus and headed to Chelmsford for a sellout show, joined by our lovely guest artist Camilla Kerslake. Who’s joining us tonight?



      BLAKE  Rehearsing for tonight’s show, our first in the UK this year. Fantastic choir called ‘The Big Sing’, Camilla Kerslake is here too, it’s gonna be a great night, can’t wait to begin!

      World's smallest dressing room.

      World’s smallest dressing room!

      rehearsal Big Sing Photo

      BLAKE   show tonight, January 25, 2014 in Chelmsford Theatres  with The BIG Sing  and Camilla Kerslake  @CRHnewsEssex

      Blake Passion Re-Tweets!! Great night singing with Blake thanks for having The BIG Sing plus the lady in red Camilla Kerslake @CRHnewsEssex

      Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers

      Special Guests: Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers
      Y Ffwrnes
      Saturday 1st February
      There was high expectation for the night arranged by Theatrau Sir Gar and Loud Applause Productions. International singing phenomenon Blake were coming to Wales and joining forces with special guests the acclaimed young Welsh voices of the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers. The powerful line up set the bar high.The sell-out audience were not to be disappointed, only those on lengthy ticket waiting lists.Blake captivated the audience from first song to last, bathing the audience with a repertoire of popular and easy listening. Arrangements of solo, unison and layered blended voices gave a much loved life and sensitivity to a warm repertoire of classic and popular songs. The audiences clearly adored every note and harmony.Moon River, She, Nella Fantasia, Hallelujah, She was Beautiful, Time to Say Goodbye – Blake’s renditions captured the hearts of the audience. Between songs, the audience enjoyed the ‘Blake banter’ – light humour both on stage and with the audience – developing a warm rapport between all.In perfect musical companionship, the young stars of the Hywel Girls’ Choir & Hywel Boy Singers brought a new dimension to the night under the direction of John Hywel Williams. Despite their young age, the Hywel singers hypnotised the audience with their stage professionalism and discipline with songs from Les Miserables and a dance-sharp fun rendition of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.An unequivocal highlight – the joint performance of Nessum Dorma by Blake and the young choristers. This was Nessun Dorma like no other. The vocal skills of Blake, blending with the youthful passion of the Hywel singers, brought new and exciting life to this much loved song. Tears came to eyes. Audiences jumped to their feet. Regrettably, the audience’s passionate cries for repeats went unheeded but the experience was magical. One day may it be heard again!With the evening bubbling over with harmony, love and humour, the musical journey ended with a rousing Jerusalem by Blake and the choir with further standing ovations.Simply said, this was a great night of great artists and great music. They came. They sang. They conquered hearts.

      *Thought and admiration went into the writing of this incredibly heartfelt review ❤ Thanks for Sharing …*SK

      Hywel Choir, our very special guests at last nights tour show, were outstanding. You can catch them at the Royal Albert Hall in a few weeks!!! Well sung guys, we see many many potential professional singers within your ranks,keep it up!Blake. X
      BLAKE and the HYWEL GIRLS’ CHOIR & HYWEL BOY SINGERS at a SELL-OUT Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli
      75946_673062569403323_1112907883_n 1604417_673058286070418_627554894_n
      I vote for BLAKE & Rebecca Newman at  ArtistSignal  every waking hour!!!!  It’s free & easy! Signing up here earns me more votes for them!
      ArtistSignal is a free social music platform allowing listeners to vote for a Top Artist each month. We give the Top Artist at the end of the month $10,000. This allows listeners to propel talented artists to the top of our platform and gives artists an entirely new avenue to grow their fan base.
      Another $5,000 is split between all remaining artists based on the amount of votes they receive during the month (excluding the #1 artist). Voters can earn rewards directly from artists just by voting!

      BLAKE Return in Live in Concert Tour

      Blake February (275 x 270)

      Vocal trio BLAKE return with their ‘Live In Concert’ tour for 2014. Touring the length and breadth of the UK BLAKE will provide an evening of great music and entertainment from these singers whose stunning harmonies and rat-pack banter have been entertaining audiences around the world. As well as classic songs from their three previous chart-topping and award-winning albums BLAKE are looking forward to performing songs from their latest album ‘Start Over’.

      In November BLAKE announced their partnership with UK based charity Walking With The Wounded starting with the launch of a charity single. The song, ‘To The Sun’, which was written by songwriter Alistair Griffin, has been adopted by Walking With The Wounded as its official anthem with 50 pence from the sale of each single donated to the charity. BLAKE debuted ‘To The Sun’ in Trafalgar Square at the South Pole Allied Challenge send off in front of Prince Harry and the expedition team members.

      Blake Walking with the Wounded (275 x 275)

      BLAKE’s association with Walking With The Wounded will include a range of activities through 2014 including participation in some of the charity’s challenges as well as promotion and fundraising throughout BLAKE’s UK tour dates and performances at Walking With The Wounded events.

      “To be working with Walking With The Wounded and have our song as their official anthem is a great honour” says Humphrey Berney. “To be able to help raise awareness and funds through our music and involvement with Walking With The Wounded is very special and rewarding.

      BLAKE’s most recent album ‘Start Over’, is a beautiful collection of contemporary harmony pop featuring stunning original songs and a few carefully selected covers, including Paul McCartney’s ‘Beautiful Night’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’. Having formed in 2007, recording and performing as a classical group, ‘Start Over’ is BLAKE’s first pop album and sees them embracing the challenge. The change in musical direction is in fact a natural progression forBLAKE.

      Inspired by great vocalists such as the Bee Gees, Boyz II Men and The Beach Boys, and having toured almost continually since 2009’s ‘Together’ (their third album), BLAKE’s live set list has expanded to include more and more contemporary material. The group discovered that the strength of their vocal arrangements and four part harmonies allowed them to interpret a widening range of songs and the reaction from their audiences reinforced their belief they were creating something special.

      BLAKE’s worldwide status continues to grow as the band take their music to important new territories and return to the Philippines where they are hugely popular. Their third album ‘Together’ topped the charts in the country last year and the group are putting the finishing touches on a new album specifically for the Philippines including a number of tracks sung in Tagalog, one of the Philippines’ predominant languages. In the UK the Filipino fan base is just as strong as proven when the band took to the stage at Barrio Fiesta 2013 to a crowd of 60,000 Filipinos.

      For more information about BLAKE click

      To watch BLAKE’s new video of ‘To The Sun’ click on Youtube

      Picture for BBC Berkshire

      Blake on BBC Berkshire with Mike Read February 5, 2014
      Part 1
      Part 2

      Thanks for link Cathie…Guys are on at 2hrs 7mins~2hrs 46mins

      Blake: Spent a fun afternoon being interviewed by rock legend Mike Read, for BBC radio Berkshire, you can listen again online tomorrow here:


      BLAKE News Update!

      Hello to all our Brazilian fans! We’re very proud to have been featured in a BIG article for top Brazilian newspaper ‘Folha’, talking about why we mix pop and classical music together during our concerts around the world. Here is the link to the online version:

      Brazil newspaper

      I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For…
      Blake News !!! Featured in the gigs section of today’s Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK, have you found tickets to watch BLAKE in 2014? Search here:
      Allgigs newspaper Feb 7, 2014
      bandicam 2014-02-07 12-47-02-324
      Epic tweet from @EPICNorwich
      @thebandblake are in the house setting up…
      1622656_741514255868429_1472847086_n 1781886_741514209201767_23751313_n 1907720_741514272535094_448071255_n
      Blake & CamillaKerslake sound checking sounds awesome, those of you coming to @EPICNorwich are in for an intimate treat
      Amazing evening of pure entertainment going from one genre of music to another…
      Thanks Epic Studios ♥  BLAKE Camilla Kerslake and The Norwich School Chamber Choir…
      1622078_741631225856732_1161057238_n 1184781_741631389190049_56484037_n 1505464_741631262523395_58598623_n 1622276_741631419190046_172481758_n 1623792_741631552523366_1991045460_n 1555490_741631455856709_1380342562_n 1000271_741631322523389_1049268576_n
      February 7, 2014
      Behind the scenes at yesterday’s tv studio recording of a full length *BLAKE* concert; see one of the eight cameras that were buzzing around the audience as we performed!
      Behind the scenes at yesterday's tv studio recording of a full length BLAKE concert; see one of the eight cameras that were buzzing around the audience as we performed!
      Stephen's sushi Feb 8, 2014
      BLAKE: Proud moment when we saw HRH Prince Harry reach the South Pole for the ‘Walking With The Wounded’ charity, accompanied by our song ‘To The Sun’
      Mabuhay Philippines! We want to say salamat to the thousands of you who bought our special Tagalog album over Christmas, as it’s STILL at the top of the OPM official chart! Happy!!!
      Mabuhay Philippines! We want to say salamat to the thousands of you who bought our special Tagalog album over Christmas, as it's STILL at the top of the OPM official chart! Happy!!! 2-8-14
       ♥Stephen asks us … Blake answers for us … We thank you♥
      Daytime in my studio, but I black out the windows to create my ideal nighttime creative mood; who fancies a song SK
      On ITV’s ‘Lorraine’ this morning, previous Blake member Jules Knight talks acting, singing, BRIT awards and 6 years with the band! Very touching interview, enjoy!
      USA link to watch; Thanks Todd 🙂
      Three hearts~Three voices~Three passions
      Hard to believe we are all singing the same song in this photo, plenty of emotion but apparently three different ones! Even in a harmony group each singer interprets the song differently.
      Hard to believe we are all singing the same song in this photo, plenty of emotion but apparently three different ones! Even in a harmony group each singer interprets the song differently.
      Cracton private event Feb 3, 2014Charlotte vanityfairestx  Just got back from an amazing evening seeing thebandblake their voices are INCREDIBLE
      AwesomeTweetReview !!!
      Charlotte ‏@vanityfairestx
      Have you seen my most recent post featuring @TheBandBlake ??
      The other evening the company I work for (hence the beauty therapist uniforms) sponsored an event at the local theatre, it was to see a band called Blake. I had heard of them a few times before but never their music, why I hadn’t before is beyond me. They are incredible! They are a mix of eclectic classical & pop songs with rich harmony vocals, they sing a complete range of songs from Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars to Giacomo Puccini – Nessun Dorma. The whole time I was sitting there in complete awe, they gave me goosebumps! (You know that it’s the real deal when this happens) I would even go as far as saying that their singing is the best thing to ever pass through my little ears – they really were breath-taking! They have a wonderful presence surrounding them. Blake are not only attractive, astounding singers, with a great sense of humour but they spend a huge amount of their time supporting several charities – Help For Heroes, The British Legion & MIND to name a few. It’s always that much more enjoyable when you know it’s going towards a charity that’s close to your heart isn’t it? The only thing that I wasn’t very impressed with, was that they didn’t serenade me! ;)Now I rarely get excited over singers/bands (except Beyonce of course) & it does take something pretty special for me to rave about it – I’ve just done a blog post on these lovely chaps so that’s saying something huh? If you think classical music isn’t ‘your thing’ just have a listen as Blake will probably change your opinion, very much like mine & I’m now a huge fan!Please go & check these out as they really are spectacular
      (if you hadn’t already gathered that)@TheBandBlake
      http://www.blakeofficial.comHave you ever heard any of Blake’s music?
      Stephen Bowman
      a diverse man…a passionate and lovable man…a fun and fair man
      Stephen Bowman a diverse man...a passionate and lovable man...a fun and fair man
      Our Angel ❤ arriving…*Serenading the lovely ladies supported by Caroline’s Campaign, a charity which lifts the spirits of women battling cancer, by treating them to a complimentary VIP day of shopping, spa, make-overs & entertainment! — with Sarah Pritchard and Caroline Monk.*
      stephen-bowman-carolines-campaign-cancer-makeover-at_4064308 Serenading the lovely ladies supported by Caroline's Campaign, a charity which lifts the spirits of women battling cancer, by treating them to a complimentary VIP day of shopping, spa, make-overs  entertainment!
      Want to see how BLAKE find their fine British three piece suits, which they wear all over the world when they sing? Join them on a trip to Thomas Farthing in London, you’ll see! Please share with friends too…
      I do so love a man in a fine suit ♥Stephen, Humphrey & Ollie
      Thomas Farthing
      SB posted Feb 20 about DC in March
      New York in January, Washington in March … Which lucky US location gets you in April ???
      Delighted to have been given the news that BLAKE have been booked to perform again in the US this year! We sang in New York in January, now we’re off to Washington in March! — with Humphrey Blake and 3 others.
      You’ll Never Walk Alone – The West End Unites for the Philippines

      Blake: “On March 2nd we’re in London performing to raise funds for those still suffering as a result of Typhoon Haiyan, joining top West End singers at the Queens Theatre for one night only. Will you be there???”You’ll Never Walk Alone – The West End Unites for the Philippines is a one-night-only gala concert in support of the Philippines Typhoon Appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), which brings together 14 of the UK’s leading aid charities to raise money in order to quickly reach those in need. The money raised will contribute to the ongoing need for emergency shelter, clean water and food as well as helping survivors rebuild their lives.
      bandicam 2014-02-20 21-50-33-201
      Challenges can be fun :)A few weeks ago we challenged Humphrey to learn how to play a Ukulele (essentially a tiny baby guitar for little people). Humphrey has giant hands, so frankly I’m astounded by this video he just sent me! Great job mate!
      When we were last in Hawaii giving a concert, Humphrey thought it would be fun to buy a Ukulele (essentially a cute baby guitar). He recently told us he’d learnt to play it; we wanted proof! So, here he is, in his gym kit, giving us a little rendition of ‘All of Me’, like it?
      Yep, I LIKE it 🙂Thanks Humphrey Blake!
      Gonna need more …
      and I have more 🙂 Tiny Bubbles
      Hi all. Well, I have continued with my practice after the being set the challenge of learning the Uke in a week. here is my latest offering!! If you enjoy it then let me know at @humphreyberney on twitter. Thanks.
      bandicam 2014-03-04 11-33-43-147
      Blake @Bremont watch launch
       bandicam 2014-07-25 00-47-39-810
       What's more sexy than a man baking for youclick photo
       What’s more sexy, fun and adorable than a man baking for you ???
      Three Blake men baking with you !!!














      We’re going to sing “Manila” here in London AND in Tagalog! Yep that’s right, our first ever performance in native Filipino language in London; at The Queens Theatre on March 2nd! All to raise funds for those still affected by Typhoon Haiyan…
      guys Bario
      LOVE when they sing *Manila*… and to be singing it in Tagalog in London whilst helping raise funds… Stephen Bowman , Humphrey Blake and Ollie♥
      Blake is a part of this awesome evening!!!
      You’ll Never Walk Alone – The West End Unites for the Philippines is a one-night-only gala concert in support of the Philippines Typhoon Appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), 

      London Concert to Benefit Philippines Typhoon to Feature Julie Atherton, Joanna Riding, Hannah Waddingham, Michael Xavier and More
      By Mark Shenton
      17 Dec 2013
      A one-night charity gala concert will be held March 2, 2014, at the West End’s Queen’s Theatre to benefit the Philippines Typhoon Appeal, with all proceeds going directly to the Disasters Emergency Committee, which brings together 14 of the U.K.’s leading aid charities to raise money to reach those in need quickly.
      Presented under the umbrella title You’ll Never Walk Alone – The West End Unites for the Philippines, the evening will feature Julie Atherton, Joanna Riding, Michael Xavier and Hugh Maynard, as well as Filipino-born singer Joseph Apostol, a quarter finalist on the BBC’s “The Voice” who is soon to play John in the West End return of Miss Saigon, and Filipino-born classical pianist Emmanuel Vass. The concert will also feature an ensemble of Filipino performers and an onstage band.The event has been instigated by the U.K.-based theatre Filipino community, many of whom moved to the United Kingdom in the 1990’s to take part in the original production of Miss Saigon, produced by Cameron Mackintosh.In a press statement, Mackintosh commented, “The Philippines have been a special part of my life ever since Claude-Michel Schönberg, Alain Boublil and I first went there 25 years ago to cast the original production of Miss Saigon. As well as being an exceptionally talented nation, the people we have met are also warm, generous and good-hearted human beings who have become our friends the world over. The recent terrible natural disaster there has affected so many people and along with the international aid, I am only too happy to offer the use of the Queen’s Theatre for a fund raising performance led by stars of the Philippines and the West End to help gather as much money as possible for those in desperate need.”The event is is produced by Paul Spicer and Matt Firth for Stage Acts Productions with the support of Delfont Mackintosh Theatres. Spicer commented, “In such dire situations we often feel helpless, but through entertainment and celebration of the Filipino people’s resilience, we can make a difference. This will be a truly one-off event rooted in hope and inspired by the Filipino spirit and vivacity. Disasters like this may often seem a million miles away from our reality, but when a crisis occurs it affects humanity as a whole. By lending our efforts to this appeal, we are expressing loyalty not only to the people of the Philippines, but to humankind.”To book tickets, contact the box office on 0844 482 5164, or for more details.

      In my dressing room backstage at London’s Queens Theatre warming up the vocal chords for

      Blake Queens Theatre March 2,2014 Ollie queens Theatre March 2, 2014 1932390_10152350500310466_423116030_n
      With the lovely Gok Wan at tonight’s “West End Unites” fundraiser in London; a great night for a worthy cause, we were proud to perform.
        *********You do us proud guys *********
      Mysterious, medieval and magnificent !!!