Blake Celebrate 10 Years Together

Join us at the Royal Air Force Centenary Gala, hosted by Dan Snow and Carol Vorderman, on 31 March at the to celebrate 100 years of the RAF. , & will be performing at this historic event. Book now:

Are you a fan of like us? Then be sure to listen during the 1st week of April for our new album & tour adverts, featuring 3 anthemic classical tracks from the new CD! So proud to be able to showcase our 10th anniversary record on 🙂

BLAKE  This is our big surprise for this weekend! A special mini-documentary about Blake’s brand new album, featuring 5 music video clips. The new CD is available on Amazon to order right now:
Stephen Bowman
Stephen Bowman Dear friends, if you can, please do share this video with your Facebook following. This album means a huge amount to the Blake boys & I, it’s as special as the first one we released back in 2007. Help us get it out there! X

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  Blake’s Anniversary Tour
BLAKE are Stephen, Humphrey and Ollie. “Former choristers who found each other on online networking site Facebook and swiftly bagged themselves a record deal. They’ve got the well-bred good looks and classically trained voices to deliver the perfect pop-classical package, but the formula is totally anodyne.” Amazon review from their stunning self titled debut album.
Ten years later they are celebrating #TheAnniversaryAlbum
A classical album featuring 13 songs: “The music is a selection of 13 beautiful songs, from the worlds of Opera, Classical, Musicals and Ballads, all with crossover harmony vocals in some very unique arrangements.”
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Want a 10 year anniversary album, signed by all the band personally???
1. Nimrod
2. Caruso
3. Impossible Dream
4. Here, There and Everywhere
5. Hymne A L’Amour
6. All of Me
7. Somewhere )
8. Cinema Paradiso
9. Out of Africa
10. Pearl Fishers
11. Dambusters
12. Because
13. Waly Waly (“The Water is Wide”)
“The Anniversary Album Featuring the Central Band of the RAF, the Royal Air Force Salon Orchestra & members of the Military Wives Choir. Most ‘boy-bands’ come and go within a year or two, having fallen out of favour, fallen out with each other or just unable to handle the pressure-cooker of fame and constant touring. In this respect, #BLAKE, is something of an anomaly. This spectacular classical male harmony group celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year with a brand new album and massive UK tour. It’s not a comeback, because they’ve never been away… Over a million albums sold, No.1 hits in ten countries and approaching 150 TV appearances around the globe, these three young men continue to enthrall fans the world over with their amazing singing and charismatic stage presence. Indeed, their friendship and musical careers date back to their school days! The brand new CD, The Anniversary Album, is their 7th studio release and the group were determined to make it their best yet, as a celebratory gift to their legion of fans who have been with them for a decade. It is classic BLAKE and no-one will be disappointed. Not content with just a fantastic new album the group will be taking this album on the road for their biggest and most ambitious ever UK tour, personally showing their appreciation to the fans with performances of all their classic hits. The album release is also timed to coincide with this year’s centenary celebration of the Royal Air Force. The Central Band of the RAF and The Royal Air Force Salon Orchestra are featured on all the tracks, with members of the Military Wives Choir featuring on two of the tracks.To commence their tour BLAKE are honoured to be performing at The Royal Albert Hall in The Royal Air Force Centenary Gala taking place on 31st March 2018. The concert will feature a star- studded programme to celebrate and commemorate the iconic and poignant occasions in its heroic 100 years.”
Stephen Bowman Humphrey Berney Ollie’s Place #friends #CelebratingTenYearsTogether #music Royal Albert Hall Royal Air Force Military Wives Choirs The Royal Air Force Central Band RAF Music #RoyalAirForceSalonOrchestra
#Opera #Classical #Musicals #Ballads #crossover #harmony

Sherrill Klaus Lovely update  Love supporting you & excited for more Pledges! Ideas: Tour of Kensington Palace, gardens and tea at the Orangery  A ride on Emirates Cable Car with lunch/coffee  Dinner cruise on River Thames  Cooking lunch/dinner with Chefs Stephen, Humph and Ollie  VIP tickets to RAF show would be simply amazingly wonderful 

The most incredible cake we have ever been given, courtesy of some amazing ladies helping us celebrate 10 years as a band! Cake designed & made by The Cake Illusionist, check her out! Everything is edible/eatable 🙂

BLAKE celebrate a decade of albums & touring

One afternoon back in March 2007, a group of singers were rehearsing an acapella version of Moon River in a London music college; little did they know that just twenty four hours later they would be offered a £1Million deal by Universal Records. This is how BLAKE’s incredible journey started…

Fast forward ten years to 2017 and BLAKE have toured the world, released seven studio albums, appeared on over 180 television shows, performed for royalty, presidents, prime ministers & Hollywood stars, helped raised millions of pounds for their favourite charities and become the closest of friends through it all.

When the group started the world was still buying CD albums, lots of them, in fact their first album sold over 100,000 copies in just three weeks. When they got together in Spring 2007, the iPhone hadn’t yet been released to the world and no one even knew what music streaming was! They were the first band to form through Facebook, the first group to find members via Twitter, their most popular songs have millions of views on Youtube and their social media following is the most dedicated any band could wish for, with thousands of interactions every day.

Much has changed over the last 10 years, but what hasn’t changed is the groups simple wish to make the best harmony music they can, keeping the British classical-crossover style strong around the world. They’ve performed in dozens of countries, including the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, Russia, the UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the USA, Barbados, Bermuda and Trinidad & Tobago. They’ve made friends and fans across the globe, enjoying the rich cultures they’ve shared.

The future is even more exciting than the past, with a 10 year anniversary album & DVD proposed by their record lable, along with extensive tours that take them to lots of Asia and the UK respectively. The boys couldn’t have achieved all that have, without the incredible support of their fans around the world, so their 8th studio album, will be dedicated to them. Their upcoming album will be a celebration of their classical-crossover roots and the harmony music they are all fans of. Discussions are in place to ensure this will be a worldwide release, so be sure to keep in contact via their social media for big updates.

For now, here is a little recap video of the last 3 years for the Blake trio, with some amazing memories just in this short time. Look out for their collaboration with Dame Shirley Bassey (more to come!), performing for 280 million TV viewers in China, live tour performances in many parts of Asia, outdoor festival shows in the UK and major TV performances too. It’s certainly seems to be getting busier and busier for BLAKE, so let’s raise a glass to another ten years of music ahead.

646a8967a8fe24dfa07b92539fc5c16f Congratulations guys ❤️ I’ve only known you for 4 of these 10 years……but I have loved every second.
Dream A Little Dream
Thank you so much!