Blake, Bridges and Boats in Venice


Arriving in style April 21, 2017

The Rialto Bridge in stunning 360! click photo!

Currently in Venice to perform a very unique private concert in a beautiful garden beside the Grand Canal; such a stunning backdrop! April 22nd

click photo for more

Performing beside the grand canal of Venice, a huge honour for us! Can you guess which song this is the big ending for?

It’s A Small World After All ⬇️

Stephen bumped into dear friend Anton San Diego

A little bit of sightseeing and then it’s Time To Say Goodbye 🎶

…which answers the question 😉




Blake in Dubai

We are sure you will be back in Dubai very soon!!!  😊🎶😉


The finale in Dubai…bandicam 2016-05-25 23-17-43-068

…and now they are singing 🎶 Headlining😊  May 25, 2016

Headline act at is

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Travel Gossip @TravelGossipUK

Siren Communications @SirenComms

Travel Options4u BOA @traveloptions4u

…and making new friends 👫👫👫

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Guys have been sightseeing 😊

bandicam 2016-05-24 18-51-25-730

“We boys saw Dubai from the top of the worlds tallest skyscraper tonight, almost 830 meters high! Man made craziness!”

bandicam 2016-05-24 18-51-50-553

bandicam 2016-05-24 18-51-41-542

…and playing in the sand 😉

bandicam 2016-05-24 10-31-21-215

Stephen always treats us to cool and fascinating videos!

bandicam 2016-05-22 12-04-00-798stephenbowmanblake Staying at the Atlantis in Dubai you get to see this huge glass sculpture in the lobby! #Dubai#Atlantis #glass #sculpture #art #murano#erection #rainbow #colourful

…and they are there ♥

My view with a room in Dubai, courtesy of the Atlantis hotel. Damn I love my job!😊


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Leaving on a jet plane…

May 21, 2016

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