Beautiful Memories of A Classic Christmas

We yearn for snow, traditions and Christmas spirit🎄🎶⛄❄🎁 hence, our unofficial holiday #ChristmasinJuly ☀🎄
Celebrate as our BLAKE carolers serenade you with ‘Silent Night’
my silent Night I took this video 🙂 #SoHappy
December 19, 2015 #PalaceTheatre Southend Theatres
#A #Classic #Christmas Beautiful #harmonies 🎶💖
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BLAKE on Chinese TV 2016

 I give you ‪#‎AllofMe‬ ♥
I can see your emotions flowing…How do you sing through all those emotions?

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Stephen, Humphrey and ‪Ollie???                                                                            BLAKE

BLAKE were proud to headline the Beijing Chinese New Year TV Gala for 2016, with a performance that was viewed by over a quarter of a billion people! The group sang three songs as the finale to the prestigious yearly variety show. Joining music stars pulled from all corners of the globe, BLAKE performed a number of their classical crossover hits and also ‘All of Me’ which was written for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton; a song which became a hit record in China during that year. The three boys of BLAKE are no strangers to performing in China, with no fewer than two full tours and over 15 television appearances in the country since 2012. A further tour is planned for Autumn 2016.

BlakePassion:                                                                                                           Your soul sings through your beautiful lyrical voices  🎶
Blake: “Seen by over 280 million viewers worldwide, here’s BLAKE on the 2016 Chinese New Year’s Gala TV show in Beijing, singing Time To Say Goodbye. Don’t forget you can hear this live in our UK tour shows too!”

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A little behind-the-scenes footage from the Chinese TV show I-Supermodel as we made our biggest music video ever for China. Lots of ‘lost in translation’ moments here, was a very fun project to work on though! ☺

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Our biggest music video ever! As seen on Chinese TV last week by over 280 million viewers watching popular show ‘I-Supermodel’. We next appear on Chinese screens on February 8th, for the BTV Spring New Years Gala concert, backed by the Venice Chamber Orchestra and a 200 strong children’s choir! Join us for more videos!

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Stephen Bowman January 7 at 12:58pm ·
Something fun for Chinese friends! We boys attempting ‘May Kway oh May Kway’ with the three finalists of I-Supermodel, whilst filming a music video for ‘To The Sun’ with them. Really lovely girls!

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